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Ohio State won't make the playoffs, and I'm happy

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November 13, 2016 at 10:04pm

If we don't win the Big Ten, how can you put us into the playoffs? You can't. We don't deserve to be there.

And neither should Alabama if they lose in the SECCG.

I think the committee agrees with me when I say that only conference champs deserve a spot in the playoffs.

I don't care if the AP and Coaches Poll have Alabama #1 at 12-1 and Ohio State #2 at 11-1. I don't care if they're the consensus two best teams in the country. 

What matters is winning your conference.
If Florida at 11-2 wins the SEC, they deserve a spot over us and Bama.
If Nebraska wins the Big Ten at 11-2, they deserve a spot over us too. 
If Virginia Tech wins the ACC at 10-3, they deserve a spot as well. 
And if Washington state wins the PAC 12 at 11-2, I'd put them in.

It's not about putting the 4 best teams in, it's about putting the 4 best conference champions in.

A playoff of 
1. Florida
2. Nebraska 
3. Washington State
4. Virginia Tech
Would be one for the ages. Can you imagine a showdown of Virginia Tech vs. Washington State in the national championship game? Wow the ratings would be off the charts.

Let's be real, we're done. And Bama would be too.

Would you guys watch an Ohio State-Alabama matchup in a NY6 Bowl? 

I know it's not what we wanted, but winning a solid bowl game like that could give us some momentum with recruiting and excitement heading into next season.
Maybe next year we could make the CFP and take down big bad 6-6 ACC champ Georgia Tech or even 4-8 MAC champ Bowling Green. 

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