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Comment 14 Mar 2017

Leonard is a top 5 defender in the game. Excellent offensive player. Top 5-10 player easily overall.

Comment 14 Mar 2017

Cavs top ten players (excluding LeBron) average RPM: -3.76

Sixers top ten players (including Noel and Ily) average RPM: -3.61

Love-Kyrie-JR-Thompson-Shump-Korver average RPM: 0.31

Sixers top 6 average RPM: 5.63

Cavs top 6 average RPM: 5.71

That's with the Cavs having LeBron and the Sixers not having Simmons. 

You're overrating the Cavs players. Love is underrated. Kyrie is a bit overrated, but he's special because has another gear that he goes into in big games and clutch situations.

Derrick is a bust. Quit the nonsense.

Shump is trash too. So overrated. No defense, no offense, all he athleticism in the world.

JR is hit or miss. 

Korver is a liability if his shot isn't falling. Also, defense.

Felder is so bad it's laughable. 

Cavs are garbage without LeBron. Post some facts to disprove it. I'll wait.

Comment 14 Mar 2017

Derrick Williams couldn't make it with the Wolves, Kings, Knicks or Heat... Four lottery teams. 

Tristan Thompson is overrated as hell. He's an average NBA player... Some good, some bad.

Channing Frye is a shell of his former self. He's a streaky shooter. Defensive liability nowadays. Solid role player... But nothing that any other team doesn't have.

Deron Williams? Fat and washed up. Mavs are better with with Yogi Ferrell. It's not 2012 anymore.

Iman Shumpert? Athletic as hell, overrated defender and no offensive game outside of a hit-or-miss ( but respectable this year) three point shot. Solid role player,  but nothing special. 

Kyle Korver? Great role player. Great weapon. Historically great shooter. Special player.

JR Smith? Good player. 

Kevin Love? Great player. 

Kyrie Irving? Great player. 

Kyrie, Love, Smith, and Korver aren't enough. That team is not making the playoffs. 

2014-2015 Heat won 37 games..... With Wade, Bosh,  Whiteside, Dragic, Deng, Chalmers, Beasley, Tyler Johnson, Shabazz Napier, Danny Granger etc etc.

The Heat don't win less than 50 games with LeBron on that team. I don't care if Bosh was hurt for much of the season. That team was going straight to the Finals. Not the tenth seed. 

Add LeBron to the Bulls. Butler, LeBron, Wade, Rondo are going to the Finals. Without LeBron they are the 9th seed.

Add LeBron to the Knicks. LeBron, Melo, Rose, Porzingis, Noah... Finals... Not lottery.

Add LeBron to a healthy Sixers... LeBron, Embiid, Simmons, Covington, TJ... Finals... Not lottery.

Add LeBron the Bucks... LeBron, Giannis, Parker, Middleton, Brogdon, Maker.... Finals... Not 8th seed.

Add LeBron to the Heat and they are going to the Finals.