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Strength of Schedule comparisons

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November 8, 2016 at 7:51pm

There have been a lot of comparisons these past few days about schedule strength between some of the top teams in the country. What I have a question about is, where are those SoS numerical rankings coming from? Who made them? What are they based on? Are they updated throughout the season based on results, or stuck in preseason expectations?

The graphic on ESPN comparing our schedule strength with Washington showed our SoS as 42nd in the nation. Now, I have no problem with Washington ahead right now in playoff rankings, they have looked good and it will take care of itself. But seriously, 42?!? How in the world are there 41 teams who have a harder schedule this year? We've played #7, #10, and #11 in their house, no "neutral site" crap. #19 is on there too. Tulsa is quietly 7-2 and their next game is against Navy for control of their AAC division. That's 5 teams at 7-2. Indiana is over .500, not great but not terrible. Northwestern is 4-5, not that good but better than a cupcake. Rutgers and BG drag it down a bit, but that much? Adding in future opponents doesn't provide any more clarity to the question either. Maryland is currently over .500 and everyone knows what lies at the final Saturday of the season.

I think it's a travesty that our schedule is that low rated. Maybe not THE toughest, but try and name 10 teams with a harder schedule this year.

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