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Comment 23 hours ago
Pay off what's left of student loans (~80k) Build a new house (assuming this means I can stay in the same town, if not: pay money to not have to move to SF, then build a house) Nothing crazy, just a really nice place that my kids can grow up and have a space for parents to move in if that's ever necessary. Maybe a truck for projects (who am I kidding, I would just have other people do that stuff so it would definitely be a gaming set up)
Comment 19 May 2019
Catch the ball is #1. Anything on top of that is gravy. We generally have a good defense and a good offense. More often than not, better than our opponents. Don't give them an advantage of an extra 40 yards of field position and the ball back. The extra 5-8 yards from punt returns are not important enough to put another Dontre Wilson back there with butter fingers.
Comment 13 Apr 2019
I'm a big Braves fan, very familiar with Ozzie. It's an excellent deal for the team, not so much for Ozzie, that is absolutely true. But he it is also not as simple as just looking at market rates for his production. He would be making close to the minimum this year and next because he hasn't reached arbitration yet. Then his 3 arbitration years are included in there. So, 5 of those years he would not be making full market rate already. That still doesn't make it a good deal from his perspective, but it makes it a lot closer. Most other Braves fans on SBN would have expected something in the 70-80M range for those years, and been perfectly happy with it. I also saw someone say he has the same agent as Kimbrel (don't know for sure if that's accurate). And he most certainly was willing to take a little less $ to stay in ATL with his best friend Acuna. I'm ecstatic as a fan, but do feel a little bad for Ozzie not getting more. He seems to be perfectly happy with it though, so who am I to judge.
Comment 09 Apr 2019
I started off horribly in the tournament challenge. Was in the 20th percentile or below for the first 3 rounds, and 1400+ in 11W. Even pushing toward the 10th at one point. But something switched when the field kept getting trimmed down, and the elite eight/final four/final teams were staying alive. I didn't get a lot right to start with, but got a lot of the long runs correct. Ended up in the 93rd percentile overall, and #105 in the 11W challenge. Had Virginia over MSU in the final and Gonzaga (near miss) and Wofford (lolfail) as the other final four teams. Best I've done in several years.
Comment 02 Apr 2019
Makes it awful difficult to figure out what you are trying to say when names are reduced to a single letter. Just an observation.
Comment 12 Mar 2019
At least if someone donates a pool or a library with a wink-wink agreement to get their kid in, that building or amenity can be used by many other students for years to come. These people were directly taking up athletic team preferred admission spots that their spawn had no business being considered for.
Comment 02 Mar 2019
Ride inthe back of a pickup and throw a baseball out the back. If the truck is going 60mph, you need to throw it over 60mph otherwise it will land ahead of where you threw it. Throw exactly as fast as the truck is going, and it will drop exactly where you threw it.
Comment 11 Feb 2019
Don't know if this will get seen, but I'll just leave this herehttps://www.accessdata.fda.gov/scripts/sda/sdnavigation.cfm?sd=tainted_supplements_cder That's not an exhaustive list either. I'm a pharmacist. I know about looking for reputable products with NSF and USP verification, but I don't think the general public is fully aware of that. I always make sure my patients are educated about this, but I wouldn't be surprised if college kids looking for an edge are not. The S&C dept should have known better, but shit happens. If you notice in the list, some of those products the affected Lots are ALL. That's an intentional additive, not an accidental thing.
Comment 09 Feb 2019
Thank you for pointing that out, so I don't have to this time. The supplement industry is like the wild west as far as oversight goes. It's not all that uncommon to find out that some "miracle supplement" is tainted with stuff that's not on the label. The "all natural" supplements for treating ED are spiked with Viagra or Cialis. The muscle building vitamins have steroids in them. It's an intentional thing done by some shady manufacturers (To be clear, not all are shady. There are some reputable companies out there. You have to be super careful though) because there is no real regulation there. They spike their products because they wouldn't work very well (if at all) without having that stuff in them. Word gets out this stuff works, sales go up. Right up until the point that the FDA finds out what they are doing (this occurs after the fact, because they don't oversee dietary supplements, but they can hammer companies that are selling misbranded or adulterated drugs) and shuts it down. Then they just pop up again under a different brand name, and the process repeats itself. It's like a game of whack-a-mole with prescription drugs and other stuff marketed as "dietary supplements" or "vitamins".
Comment 09 Feb 2019
Agreed. No one is brought in to tOSU to be a backup, especially transfers. But, it's not like Fields has some amazing track record at the college level we can point to as evidence he's miles ahead of Baldwin. Just a couple years ago Malcolm Pridgeon was the top JUCO OT that we brought in, and everyone just assumed he would have a starting spot on lockdown, simply because he came from JUCO and we don't bring in those players to be backups. Sometimes the hype doesn't match up with the development. If I were handicapping the qb battle, I would have Fields as the favorite too. But to completely dismiss any notion that there will be a competition and he could possibly not win it is premature.
Comment 30 Jan 2019
I agree. Strength of schedule is a farce. When you are comparing between two teams in the top ten, it should not be any different playing a team ranked 70 or 120. Either way, that game should be a massive blowout. Even teams in the 30-40 range shouldn't be too troublesome for the most part. But when you have one team rated with a harder SOS for playing 27, 38, and 60 over a team that played 125, 4, and 15 there's a problem.
Comment 09 Jan 2019
Unanimous support from coaches, hard to get that on much of anything. This is a no brainer. So obviously, the NCAA has to muck it up somehow, and we already kmow how. This won't be implemented for the 2019-20 season because...it wasn't brought up soon enough for implementation this next season. 7+ months away from the first game. It will be discussed at the next meetings in October from what I saw.
Comment 02 Jan 2019
Went into the game hoping that he could get his 1000 yards, and the first half looked like it was going to happen. I don't know what happened in the second half. We went away from him and the run game in general, even though it was working. Just glad it didn't cost the game.
Comment 27 Dec 2018
Complains on and on about diapers not being delivered in 2 days. Lives right near (probably several) places that sell them that require going outside and had to stick in a completely unnecessary qualifier about it also being a bad company. Wouldn't be surprised if he also would complain about pizza delivery wait time if he ordered online (because the phone option requires human conversation) 30 minutes before the Super Bowl kicks off.
Comment 24 Dec 2018
Not sure why I've been downvoted for that, honestly. They should still absolutely be suspended if the stuff is actually in their system, regardless of if they took it on purpose or they took some random GNC stuff that was spiked with it. It's still there, and they'd be getting the supposed performance boost. My above comment was more of a PSA about the dangers of the unregulated supplement industry.
Comment 24 Dec 2018
I tend to believe that they didn't intentionally take ostarine. But I also believe they willingly put something in their body that they thought would help them out. It was probably some type of supplement they picked up that advertises as being for sports performance or something. It's a massive problem with dietary/herbal supplements in general. They are not regulated or inspected like over the counter drugs are, and they frequently either contain things that aren't on the label, or don't have any/as much of the stuff they say is actually in it. You have to be really careful when considering these products, and make sure that they have proper manufacturing oversight and inspections. I don't want to lump all supplement companies into the same boat, because there are reputable ones out there. But until proven otherwise, buyer beware.
Comment 21 Dec 2018
Who would have ever guessed that paying a massive amount of money to a guy named Homer, with the intention of him pitching, would end badly?