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Two things I have noticed in the past few days.

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August 9, 2016 at 3:19pm

Thing 1: 

After taking a look at the fall practice videos and pictures of multiple teams (Clemson, Alabama, Oklahoma, Florida...Etc.) in their respective snapchats/instagram/forums I have noticed something obvious. Alabama's players look huge and fast. I know I know, duh. But seriously, I know our guys are young and talented but putting our team in comparison, we have much more athletic guys than everyone ive seen except Alabama and Clemson. I'm talking about at every single position, their guys are massive. DL, OL, DT, LB, WR, RB, DB. Although, It kind of makes you think about how excited we are to see what our guys can do. We have the coaching staff to develop these guys into monsters and I know our squad is young but man go take a look at Bama and Clemson right now in their snapchats/instagram story videos of practice and drills up close if you havent already. I mean their second and third team guys are rocks. Last year we looked much bigger than these guys. We are going to have a great season but I believe we are a year away from being there. Depends on how these guys mend together. Here are some notable snapchats if you like to follow that stuff. 

Bama: crimsontide_fb

Clemson: clemsonfb

Oklahoma: ou.football

Florida: chompchat.


Thing 2:

Im extra pumped for this years MSU game. Heres why. Dantonio is the only guy who has beaten Urban in the Big Ten and hes done it twice. If you think this mini rivalry is close take a look at this:

Series record (Meyer/Dantonio): 2-2


2012: 17-16 OSU

2013: 34-24 MSU

2014: 49-37 OSU

2015: 17-14 MSU

Add those up and you get 104-104. Wow. All tied up. Lets see who takes the cake this year. 

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