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Rovell Article - Highest paid S&C coaches

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December 30, 2015 at 10:22pm


I didn't see this posted anywhere (yes, I hate when people say this, but the article is 12 hours old and I'd be surprised if this wasn't a dupe).

2. Mickey Marotti, Ohio State, $431,558

Counting bonuses in Ohio State's rise to the top of the college football world last season, Marotti pulled in a total of $524,750. Marotti helped Urban Meyer win two titles at Florida before re-joining the coach at Ohio State. When Meyer was hired at Ohio State in 2012, he called Marotti -- who now controls the Buckeyes' 13,000-square-foot weight room and holds the title of assistant athletic director for football sports performance -- his most important hire. Marotti doesn't do only the meathead stuff. He has also made himself responsible for synthesizing data on all the players that is shared with other parts of the Buckeyes' support staff.

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