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The Playoff Committee and Their Rules of Hypocrisy (Very Short Version)

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December 5, 2015 at 4:12pm

Forgive me for being so short and also forgive my grammatical/spelling errors if there are some. I wanted this to be written befor the 4 o'clock game starts.

I say this: Forget the "committee" and simply look at Las Vegas sports books. No matter what happens today and then tomorrow when the committee gets into their "bag o' tricks", the odds are that the one loss Buckeyes will be left out because they played atrociously in one game to a playoff team and still lost on just a last second field goal. Yes! I said it. Iowa will lose to Sparty today by at least 2 scores. Anyway though, I trust what Vegas thinks much more than the committee and Condoleeza Rice. The Vegas books would not have 4 teams that would be favorites against Ohio State no matter which teams they pull out of their bag. Why? The Buckeyes, on an off day, are still one of the 4 best teams in the country. All of this talk about putting a 2-loss squad like Florida or Stanford in the playoffs above Ohio State is ludicrous. Vegas would have the Bucks as 5-14 points against those squads. In fact, I can see only Alabama and Clemson ahead of Ohio State in Las Vegas books. All other squads, including Sparty, would be underdogs against our Buckeyes. That isn't my "eye test". It is just an opinion from a 42 year old man that has done more than his share of gambling. If it is an "eye test" though, the committee members should be using their eyes instead of paying attention to something like "strength of schedule" which comes from many different places for a reason...STRENGTH OF SCHEDULE is a calculated opinion that in most cases is made from many other opinions. If the object of the committee is to get the best 4 teams in the playoffs, their rules that the committee adheres to in coming to their conclusion is way off base. There is NO POSSIBLE WAY that Vegas would have 4 teams as favorites against our Buckeyes. The "eye test" means a lot more than any other way of ranking teams. We may have not liked the way things worked before these playoffs, but having just 12 people decide the final 4 playoff teams is just not enough people. At least in the AP and Coaches' polls it is an average of 60+ people that are and were allowed to use an "eye test" to come to their OPINIONS. Todd McShay says that an 18th ranked, 2 loss Florida squad should jump from #18 to #4 (if scenarios play out in their favor) because of beating a #2 ranked Alabama squad. From #18 to #4 in the last week of the season and leaving Ohio State out of the playoffs... At least the AP, Coaches, and the BCS would never let something like that happen. I know that you all love the idea of these playoffs, but I was always against it. THIS WAY OF THINKING IS WHY!!!

I'm sure you all have things to say about me that aren't very nice. You all always criticize me. Again though...cut me a little slack as I had to have this written before we all get down to rooting for North Carolina, Florida, and Stanford team that we shouldn't have to worry about anyway as I don't see how a Cardinal win over a just better than average USC squad with 4 losses is a reason to jump very high.

Please comment as since this is only "half written". I had much more to say. This playoff/committee thing is no better than the BCS in my opinion. The BCS is far left. This committee is far right. Something in the middle of what we have is what we need. Like I said. The Buckeyes have one loss to a soon to be playoff team. They lost that game by a last second field goal.... But because of SOS, wins against top 25 teams, and not being able to use the "eye test", one of the best 4 teams in the country won't make the playoffs without wins by Florida and North Carolina. Playing a so-called "tougher schedule" makes it where many want to put a 2-loss team in the playoffs over our 1-loss defending National Champs. Last season, our 1 loss was against a mediocre VaTech squad. This season, our one loss was to a playoff team. Sorry, but something is wrong with this entire situation. The Big 12 didn't get a team into the playoffs last season because of having no championship game. This season, a one loss Oklahoma team gets in after losing to an awful Texas team BECAUSE of having no championship game. I don't blame the playoff system, necessarily, but I do blame this 12 team committee.

Again... sorry about writing so fast. I'm an awful writer without being in a rush and I was extremely rushed.

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