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I'm a die-hard member of Buckeye Nation. I always have been and always will be. Ohio State makes me proud to be from Ohio and I hope that in the future we not only have the best football team, the Best Damn Band in The Land, and we do it cleaner than everyone else as well. I see that as a possibility as all of the hatred towards our beloved Buckeyes has put a constant huge magnifying glass on our program and I believe our athletes can also be young men that help the community and leave Ohio State as mature NFL leaders or leaders in their workplaces as they do all possible things to make Ohio State proud.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Cie Grant slinging Ken Dorsey around as the ball fell incomplete in the 2002 title game.
  • NFL TEAM: New England Patriots
  • NHL TEAM: Boston Bruins
  • NBA TEAM: New York Knicks
  • MLB TEAM: St. Louis Cardinals
  • SOCCER TEAM: ONLY USA National teams

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Comment 08 Mar 2016

I couldn't agree more. However, in the Bucks' only loss last season, I wish that the offense was on "green" the entire time. Everyone talked about Zeke not getting enough touches afterwards. He didn't. While your statement is absolutely correct, "goin green" means more plays although you may lose the time of possession battle... More plays means more touches for Zeke. I'm not throwing blame, but I still see that loss as a result of being too hesitant. I'm a big supporter of "going green" at a very high clip.

Great point about the "center/QB" combo. That, right now, seems to be the only PROVEN strength of the offense, although the O-line as a whole isn't exactly proven.

Comment 08 Mar 2016

Having superior athletes helps out a lot. The Bucks underperformed, in my opinion, last season. However, the "up-tempo/spread" combination should have been very difficult to contend with having the athletes that the Bucks had last year. I think the loss of Devin Smith as a deep threat allowed defenses to keep their eyes in the right spots at a lot of the time. The upcoming season could perform very well even with the loss of personnel, but I think that a TRUE deep threat is needed as long as the O-line is solid, of course.

Go Slobs...all of these schemes and such are nothing without you.

Comment 06 Feb 2016

I'm hated here because I research so much and my research is used to back up my opinions made. That turns my comments into novels. Anyway, I have heard that Nick is better than Joey, but haven't researched it yet. Have you or anyone else gotten to see Nick play or better yet, can you guys put up some links to make my research a bit easier? Just think too that Bosa was burst onto the scene a bit quicker because of the loss of Noah Spence... I'm not saying that Joey should have stayed another year, but damn... Joey as a senior would have really been a season full of destruction. He's not the biggest, strongest, quickest, or fastest but yet NO ONE COULD BLOCK HIM WITHOUT HELP. Another in a long line of Buckeye studs headed to an NFL career.

Comment 15 Jan 2016

I don't think so....but they will get their chance and will push the hell out of the other LB's. As much as Meyer puts into special teams, you know these guys are tough as nails and very deserving. I just think they are more the ILB types. I can't wait to see them get on the field on defense, if it happens, of course.

Comment 15 Jan 2016

You beat me by 10 hours. It's great to see us Buckeye fans getting along and agreeing on things. I hate seeing dvotes everywhere and there are just a few here Berger and Fada are 2 members of possibly the best special teams unit in all of CFB. They are fearless and hit hard. Losing 2 OLB's should hurt...maybe these guys can fill some gaps. Surely they will inspire the new kids and make the kids fighting for the OLB spots work as hard as possible.

Comment 15 Jan 2016

I'll give you an upvote for reading this, but you obviously are missing my point. I told a bunch of people that if Brown didn't play, I'd apologize. Did I forget to write that? Oops....I said I'd apologize to at least 100 people on one site if Brown did not play. The injury report listed Brown as out, so I apologized. I'm a man of my word, unless it comes to hookers...But please don't tell my wife or girlfriend I said that. Did I say that out loud?

Comment 15 Jan 2016

Thank you. It is amazing that you are the ONLY person that said that. We Buckeye fans are the most hated fans in the nation for a reason. I really thought he was faking and would be playing at 100% on Sunday. Still, when I see the hit, I see contact from the outside of a shoulder pad to just a small portion of Brown's facemask. I called the guy a liar and he wasn't lying. I owe the man an apology, period. Besides, I told over 100 of my readers that I would apologize. I can't call a man a liar and then lie, myself. Thanks for reading. Oh....everyone here has always hated me anyway. You should have seen how much hate I got for saying that Barrett should be starting over Jones after the win against VaTech in game #1 of last season. I got so many dvotes that my comment got whited out.

Comment 15 Jan 2016

I called Antonio Brown a liar. I think that is reason enough for an apology. "This guy" is a 42 year old lifetime Buckeye fan from Dayton, Ohio. I said that I would apologize if Brown didn't play Sunday. Finally, today, he was listed as "out" on the injury report. "Valdez Perfect?" Never heard that one before. Sorry that I do what I say I'm gonna do.

Comment 15 Jan 2016

Awww....Laugh and call me stupid all you want, but come on!!! I got to see when Harvey screwed up the Miss Universe Pageant on YouTube. I was asked to apologize if I was wrong, and I did it to the most difficult fans in the world which are we fans that belong to Buckeye Nation. Give me a little credit. Thanks for reading anyway. Everyone that comments gets +1 from me. Thanks again.

Comment 15 Jan 2016

If you were going to fake it, wouldn't you go limp? If you were concussed, do you think you would be on your feet and walking off the field in less than 2 minutes (I timed it at 1:45). I'm smart enough to not take Pac Man Jones' words as law, but he said that Brown turned to wink and smile at him as he walked off of the field. Sure enough, when Brown got about 10 yards from the sidelines, he turned his head around towards the Bengals' defense.

I'm not going to argue through all of this again. I was wrong and admitted it. Really though...if you were laid out and concussed, do you think you would be up and walking off of the field in less than 2 minutes, or do you think that the training staff would have you carted off? Thanks for reading and +1 for doing it, even if you think I'm stupid.

Comment 15 Jan 2016

I was 100% sure that Brown was faking his injury and I said it on 3 different sites. I was wrong and EVERYONE was taking sides against me. Someone on YouTube asked me "If you are wrong and Brown doesn't play, are you prepared to apologize?"

I answered "yes". I may be wrong on predictions and my opinions may seem freaky (even though I'm correct much more than I am wrong), but in this case, I called the man "a faker". I really thought Brown was faking because I saw no helmet to helmet contact and it seemed that Burfict's hit (which was late) was minor. I still see the hit as minor. I took much worse hits in high school as a WR. I really thought he was faking and I based my opinion on him being on the ground for less than 2 minutes and then WALKING off of the field. In my opinion, a player that lays on the field for 2 minutes with a possible concussion should be carted off of the field. Obviously, I was wrong, and I know that football players, especially WR's running over the middle, are going to take some hard hits. I still think the hit was minor. BUT....Brown wasn't faking and I said he was. I called the man a liar and he deserved an apology from me and the huge hole under my nose.

I still think that Burfict's reputation played a big role in the play and I also think that Brown should have been carried off of the field. The NFL and what they call their "concussion protocol" along with my opinion that Burfict caught just Brown's lower facemask with his shoulder pad made me KNOW he was faking.... but he wasn't, and I feel like an ass now. +1 for reading my apology. I thought no one would read it.

Comment 15 Jan 2016

Wow, Nutty. I've heard that M!ch!gan is beautiful, but never have been there. My Mom died a few years ago and while she was lying in bed that night before she passed, we got to talking and she let me in on something that made me sick and keeps me ill STILL even to this day. We had started talking about my father (I lost my father 16 years ago) and Mom (who KNOWS how much I hate M!ch!gan) decided to tell me where I was conceived. Now...I really have never been to TSUN, but I was conceived in Detroit. I got pissed. I even said, "Why the hell did you do that?". I do giggle about it now, but the last thing that I remember my Mom saying to me was that I was conceived in M!ch!gan. I was born in Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton, Ohio but conceived in Detroit, F'n M!ch!gan. Life, even before it begins, isn't fair it seems.

Comment 15 Jan 2016

Call me stupid, but what exactly do you mean in your comment? I feel stupid for not understanding it and none of the comments after yours helped me understand it, either. Sorry that you lost me. Gave you a +1 for stating something I didn't comprehend. Thanks for helping me... when you get around to it. I was thinking that the "unmitigated disaster" comment meant you were being facetious. Maybe that is why I feel so stupid for not understanding you.

Comment 11 Jan 2016

I'm not a fan of either team but honestly believe that if Burfict wanted to lay a cheap shot down on Brown, Brown would be hurt badly and not singing afterwards because of Jones' dumb "Grammy" remark. Burfict could have gone helmet to helmet and hurt Brown badly. Burfict made contact with the outside of his shoulder pad. Burfict IS a VERY DIRTY PLAYER, but if he wasn't, no flag would have been thrown as the hit was not that bad. That call was made because Burfict plays dirty, not because it was a dirty play.... And I can't believe that I am the only person here that thinks Brown faked his injury.

If Joshua Perry had hit a player in the same way during this season in CFB, no penalty would have even been called. If Burfict wanted to hurt Brown, Brown would STILL BE HURT. Brown DOES NOT have a concussion and he will be 100% for Pittsburgh's game against Denver. Am I the only person that noticed the Brown was hit with just the outside of Burfict's shoulder pad? The play has been shown hundreds of times. Burfict's reputation is what brought the flag, along with Antonio Brown's faking a concussion.

No one but me saw the play the way I saw it?