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October 15, 2015 at 3:48am

So in the last two weeks we have had 2 decommitts of highly rated players and from the looks of it a 3rd is coming really soon with Walker. To my recollection I do not remember anything like this ever happening before to OSU.

Yes we are 6-0 but lets be realistic we have looked very average and not anywhere near expectations. I think it is very possible these players decided to leave because they where not thrilled with what is happening on the field as well.

Watching a lot of college football shows today and most of the commentators don't have us in their top 4 or 5. One even said that we are going to be the underdog in THE GAME against TTUN

I really hope that this weekend is a major turnaround in the right direction and we start to dominate our competition and live up to the preseason billing of greatness.

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