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Thoughts Through 1/4 of the Season

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September 20, 2015 at 10:53am

Biggest problems...

1) Tom Herman is in Houston. As a result, play calling has been subpar, QB play has been subpar, and Oline play has been subpar. Warinner is the best Oline coach in the country when he has time to focus on them solely vs the entire offenses execution.  He hasn't quite figured out how to put together a solid play calling game, YET. I think he has potential.

2) Tim Beck is a mistake. Reminds me of the Withers hire. Both QBs have taken steps back this year. They remind me of the turnover prone NU QBs he produced at Nebraska. Did I say how important Tom Herman was to this team?

3) Devin Smith was a baller. Really missing that deep threat and separation to compliment MT who is the best possession WR in the country.

On a positive note, offense is easier to fix than defense and we are still the most talented offense in the country. Oh, and defense wins championships and this OSU defense is NASTY. And lastly, we have Urban to right the offense. By Michigan State, this team will be much better.

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