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Cavs season =OSU season

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May 27, 2015 at 8:49pm

For whatever reasons I'm always looking for comparisons between teams and these two seasons have a lot of similarities... It starts with Lebron and Urban Meyer... Both left ohio to win 2 championships in Florida before losing to another dynasty and coming home to win a championship for the home team. Both seasons started out with really dissapointing performances (VT obviously and the cavs looking awful at the beginning of the year). Both lost two major pieces of their teams, (varajeo and love + barrett and Braxton) with both Barrett and love being lost right before each teams biggest test ( bulls series + B10 championship / playoffs). Both teams became much improved on each side of the ball by the end of the year and developed into outstanding offenses. Both played teams from the south in the playoff semis and will play western teams in the finals, and both were underdogs as far as rankings in each of these games / series. They will also go up against the MVP in the finals (or in Mariotas case, the heisman winner) , and each will play offensive juggurnauts (sp?) in the finals. Both teams were thought to be a year away from being true championship contenders and both were / are underdogs in the championship finals.... Not to mention both teams are lead by Cleveland boys, bron and cardale.... Plus urban obviously turned the cavs season around after his visit with the team... Anyway I'm bored and miss football so here's another offseason thread. 

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