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March 23, 2015 at 9:20pm

My biggest concern when Urban was hired was the character question, as his tenure at Florida ended with quite a few "questionable" characters, Aaron Hernandez leading the pack. I have to say, aside from the Sprinke wrinkle and Carlos' practically non-incident at the nightclub, I have seen nary one incident on field (I'm sorry but giving the fingers to Michigan fans was AWESOME!!) or off in the 3+ years since he has taken the reigns. This, I think, is somewhere Meyer has paid particular attention to the type of kids he is bringing in, aka take the 4 star great character kid instead of the 5 star questionable character (and even the 5 stars seem to be pretty smart, humble kids). Anyone know of, or hear of, any other incidents beside the two I stated above? A testament to Urban in his older years wising up, I think. 

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