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Your Worse Buckeye Loss (Excluding Bowls and TTUN)

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March 10, 2015 at 2:49pm

I love this run we just had for the NC. I loved the 68 Buckeyes even being 9 years old I knew it was something special and the first time I cried over sports was when the 69 team lost to Bo.

But, one of my favorite teams was the 98 team...

1998 Offense          Defense 

TE John Lumpkin    DE Brent Johnson

LT Tyson Walter      DT Joe Brown

OG Rob Murphy     DT Ryan Pickett

C Kurt Murphy        DE Rodney Bailey

OG Ben Gilbert       SLB Na’il Diggs

RT Brooks Burris     MLB Andy Katzenmoyer

SE David Boston     WLB Jerry Rudzinski

QB Joe Germaine    LCB Antoine Winfield T

B Michael Wiley       SS Damon Moore

FL Dee Miller           FS Gary Berry

FB Matt Keller         RCB Ahmed Plummer

...they were almost as dominate as the 96 team (#$#@@%^%$# ), but the loss to Sparty at home with a 15 point lead in the 3rd still torks me off. When Damon Moore returned that int to make it 24-9 I thought the rout was on. From that point on it was just a comedy (not funny) of errors. A muffed punt, a Wiley fumble, Germaine sack and fumble, a 4th and one stop on Montgomery resulted in a 28-24 deficit.

But then after a nice punt return by Boston and a couple completions by Germaine to Boston and Lumpkin we were in business at the 15 with 1:39 left. But too many attempts to Boston and a 4th down pick at the goal line gave us our 5th turnover and that same feeling I had back as a 10 year old in 1969. I didn't cry this time, but I did curse...a lot.

So that is my worst loss outside of Bowl Games and TTUN, which BTW, this Sparty loss wasted one of the 2 wins Cooper had against them...ugh!

What is yours?

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