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Weber Sign with U Of M ?

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January 28, 2015 at 5:49pm

Anybody else hear this? 

I just heard this from a very reliable source.  My source I got this from has been 100% on everything this year with Michigan.  Even down to the exact day the AD would be fired to the same day Harbough would take the job. 

  (My source told me back in early November the AD will be Gone on November 30th. and Harbaugh would announce he is the coach in late December (if Niners didn't make the playoffs).  Even though all the media said Harbaugh would not be the coach in Michigan, he never budged and told me, TRUST ME, he is the coach!  (I didn't believe him)  LOL :)

So far he has been dead on with everything...... He does have very good ties with The University of Michigan.

Take it for what its worth........ I'm not saying everyone on here needs to trust me or the source... I just want to know if others have heard anything like this?

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