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Comment 25 Nov 2015

In agree Clarette could tell them to embrace what they have and how special it is.. Because it could be all gone tomorrow!

Be proud to be a Buckeye and represent all of Ohio and yourself by kicking Michigans ass.... The NFL will be waiting on you, so don't rush it before it's time.

I think this class could learn from Mo Clarette .

Comment 22 Nov 2015

The best offensive talent in College Football, playing for a Premier School in a Premier league, and has  a 10 play JV playbook!

"Not Winning". Time to face it dreamers we were never holding anything back all year and Braxton was not going to be our hero and throw a pass to win a game.  I hope all your dreamers woke up after this nightmare last night and realize this is the coaches game plan, nothing has changed all year and it sucks!  Hell, Akron would of made it a better ball game than what the Bucks made it! Just about any team can muster up 140 yards offense! 

(so much for holding "special plays" back for a big game). There is no such thing !!!

Comment 21 Nov 2015

If nothing changes, (which it hasn't all year) Michigan will stack the box and shut the Bucks down just like MSU did.

Nobody thinks Bucks have a passing game (rightfully so) and will play the run and stack the box the entire game!  Obviously it works. 

I tip my Hat to Sparty for a well coached game. It's seems their coaching staff wanted it more!  I feel bad for our players, so much talent and didn't even attempt to use it!

O-line, it's time to step it up, you got blown off the ball tonight! Michigans Defense is not going to be any easier for you!

Comment 28 Oct 2015

Why couldn't he wait to resign till after the Bucks Played them?  I fear this will give the Gophers a little extra something to get fired up and rally the troops against or Buckeyes!  (Its not like we are already getting everybody's best shot)  :(

Best of luck to coach Kill and may he blessed with a great retirement!  The B1G just lost a great guy, coach, and mentor!

Comment 26 Oct 2015

I just don't understand how a coaching staff cannot get the ball in the hands of the most explosive athlete on the field??  (I am not saying this with any disrespect toward the Coaching staff, I'm trying to understand what their reasons are).

Braxton is too talented not to be getting 10 touches or more per game.  I hear people saying "Oh we are saving him for this game to break out in" (I cant stand this explanation, sounds stupid to me)   Why would you not want to use a player like this all year long?  We us Zeke all the time (rightfully so) and teams try and plan for him and they still cant stop Zeke.  So what's wrong with showing the world the damage that Braxton can unleash on a weakly basis?  Every week we hear the coaching staff say "we need to get Braxton more touches"  Well next week rolls around and we hear the same thing.  Coaches call the plays, right?  Are they calling plays for Braxton or not??

On another side of things, I am very disappointed that we are not seeing more of Miller and Thomas!  These guys are just busting at the seams to break a big play and they are not being utilizing to their full capacity.  The Buckeyes have so many weapons and they are not unleashing them on their opponents, WHY)?  The Bucks should of easily had 2 more TD's against Rutgers last weekend if Braxton and Thomas were more involved.   Are these guys just not getting open?

I still think our offense is not playing at full capacity of what they can play.  I hope we see it from here on out, without holding anything back . I hope the coaching staff can see that it is time to let the Big Dogs Eat!

Comment 08 Feb 2015

There sure seems to be a lot of arguing on this site anymore.  For a group of people who share the same interest, you sure do like to argue a lot.  (not all of you, most of you still pretty civil and respectful to others ) 

Stop the nit picking at each other over minor and ignorant things!   I used to think the majority of members on here were around 30 years or older just by the quality and respectful posting that we had on 11W.  Now it seems like a lot of juveniles have joined the site.  The quality of posting has definitely went down hill in the past year.  To those of you who add value on here, THANK YOU!

Cant we all just get a long? Remember were talking mainly about 17- 20 year (kids) athletes.  Keep it civil!

Comment 07 Feb 2015

Well said.

 People need put themselves in his shoes.  I know if it was me, I would have been too immature to handle everything that has been thrown at him in his Jr & Sr years of high school.

I can understand where the kid may be confused and exhausted with all this. He does need to shake it off and get his head in the right frame of mind, or the college life and responsibilities are going to eat him up!

The  kid has the talent, he just needs a good solid head to go along with it.

Best of luck to Weber, I think he can be an amazing player!

Comment 01 Feb 2015

I agree, I think one of the biggest reasons this will never happen is because how low the temps drop this time of year once the sun goes down! (Players and fans won't like it)

( I am just regurgitating something I read on here late last year, where one of the AD's listed this as concern and ruled it as one of the main reasons for no late game)

Personally, I would love to watch THE GAME at night.  (At home on my couch of course))

Comment 30 Jan 2015

I hope this picture shares the truth...  If my friend set me up, I WILL KILL HIM!  :) 

This  has been a brutal Post!!!!  

Comment 29 Jan 2015

Bite me Seattle Linga!

All I did was share some info with people, to see if you or others on this board would  know any truth to this.  It seems to me all most of you on this board care to do  is attack people !  What is this high school? 

Everybody is a keyboard genius (never make mistakes) and a tough guy!  Maybe you and others should try and be an adult and carrying on legit conversation, instead of trying to gain a few laughs at someone else's expense!  (I even laughed along, but after 100 post, with most of them not adding any value to the question, your worthless comments get old to me).

There are more comments on here about jokes, spelling, & a few other things than answering the basic football question.

  The basic question was " did the kid flip"?  Does anyone know anything about this? 

These are legit FootBall questions, on a legit site, where things like this are shared and talked about!  

By the way, I'm not on here enough to even know anything about a Premium Lounge, my family and career comes before a site like this. Therefore, I do not have the time or want to put in the effort to be associated with such a thing!

Have a good day!

Comment 28 Jan 2015

Well said, I agree with all of your points!  I have never felt Weber or Gibson will stick with the Bucks and I don't know why, other than gut feeling!

Weber could be the next biggest thing at OSU .. I definitely like this kid and how he runs.  If I had to chose, I would want Weber to be a Buckeye before I would want Gibson.

Comment 28 Jan 2015

Oyster, that was not my intent. I just have always trusted this guy. I've known him for many years. He's a good person even though he's a Michigan fan

Comment 28 Jan 2015

Lol.. I deserve that one. Thanks, you made me laugh and all honesty, I really doubt I ever post anything again.

nothing like being jacked up on coffee, strung out at work, and getting a text that Weber is heading to Michigan.  My source has never let me down, I wanted to see if others knew anything about this.  I guess you could say I was doubting the source I got this from.

I can understand all the ridicule... I can handle it and deserve some of it!  :)

Comment 28 Jan 2015

Bass Dropper.... your right!  I was wrong on the month, but my source was right.  I listed the month as being November when in fact it was October.    

I knew I should of kept this to my self instead trying post about it while doing 10 other things at work.  

Comment 28 Jan 2015

You know Buckeye Chuck,,,  I hope he wouldn't do this to me since he has been dead on with so many other topics that revolve around U of M.  I trust this guy and respect everything he has ever shared with me.  (This is the first time I actually talked about anything on here that he has shared) 

I will kill him if he set me up!  LOL   :)  

Hopefully for my sake Weber can  "sing"  LOL  :)

Comment 28 Jan 2015

no offense taken....

I realize with the spelling errors, this will not be looked at in a serious manner... I deserve that and will take the responsibility for those actions.  By the way, no newbie!  I just don't live on here like most of you do.

Comment 28 Jan 2015

Good catch,,, yep a spelling error on my behalf..... But no Joke!

sorry using voice text on cell phone.... still no excuse for the ignorance spelling errors!

I'm serious I was just told he Signed with Uof M.  

I need to proof read when using the phone (voice Text) to text on here .. sorry for the ignorance in spelling errors!