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Closure - SEC - ESPN - Oregon - Speed - Urban vs. Tress - Inferiority Complex

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January 17, 2015 at 1:51pm

So I'm sure many of you have been basking in the awesomeness that was 1/12/2015.  After a few days of it sinking in I'm starting to get a second wave of feelings, almost as great as the initial feelings.  It's almost like relief, but it could just be considered "peace".

I don't know if I'm alone in this, but I've spent a lot of (wasted) time thinking about the following topics.  All of which are all now put to bed for one reason or another:

1) SEC - For me, the Alabama game totally put the SEC thing to bed.  Not just because we won, but the way we won and doing it against their king dog.  It wasn't a fluke, lucky or a gimmick.  We manned up and kicked their ass and they know they were lucky it wasn't worse.  I have no give-a-shit about the SEC at this point, in reality they should have it about OSU.

2) ESPN - I feel like most of the ESPN criticism stems from their beliefs that OSU isn't on par with Alabama.  That's now over (see #1), and I've noticed a huge change in the way OSU is spoken of.  I'm totally over it.

3) Oregon - I have said for years that I don't buy Oregon because they have never beaten any elite team that had as much or more talent.  What I thought was annoying was that they got a "pass" into the CFP while they hadn't ever won anything big.  Now they are being spoke of as the team "that can't win the big one" or "isn't physical" like I always believed.  I'm over it.

4) Urban vs. Tress - Touchy subject, but I was a Tress fan and when people talked about Urban prior to this week in terms as if he was superior to Tress I got a little annoyed because Tress had won an NC at OSU and I felt loyal.  Now I don't think there's much question, Urban > Tress.  I still love Tress and the 11 years of whoop ass at UM, the BCS games, NC etc, but Urban's teams have been great and are getting better.  To ME, this subject is settled.  I'm sure others will disagree.

5) Inferiority Complex - For years we've been told about population shift, speed, SEC, the south, the B1G being weak etc.  I never bought all of it, but after Clemson I'll admit I was worried to some degree.  I genuinely believe in "Iron Sharpens Iron" and I thought a weak B1G would hurt us.  I'll give credit to the other B1G teams.  Winning at MSU, PSU and Minn were tough, they would be tough for any team.  They were cold, hostile environments with teams looking to kick our ass.  I thought at the time, that if we survived those games we would be much better for it.  It showed at the end.  It's over for me and I genuinely believe MSU, PSU, UM and OSU will challenge the top 4 of any conference in the years to come. 

I feel like I can sit back, relax and watch college football like I did from 2002 through 2005.  It feels great!  I love the Bucks - everything good about college football!

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