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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Wisconsin Win 2011, rushing the field.
    Florida vs. Georgia Southern game 2013
    2014/15 National Championship Game in Dallas
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Chris Speilman / Eddie George / Joey Bosa
  • MLB TEAM: Phillies/Orioles

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Comment 8 hours ago

It’s the cliche everyone is parroting when discussing coins.  So yeah probably lots of people hittting google for the reference lately.

Comment 16 Dec 2017

I wish I could downvote this because the last part was entirely too desciprtive and I think I just threw up in my mouth.

Comment 15 Dec 2017

They’ve had great qbs over the years Weurfull, Tebow, Spurrier etc.  post Urban has been rough.

Comment 14 Dec 2017

Kareem - I think your argument is strong but breaks down because you're comparing 2 specific teams to the rest of the B1G.  You fail to account for MSU and Wisconsin who have had more wins than LSU and Auburn since 2010 by a wide margin.  

MSU and Wiscy have won 12 more games than LSU/Auburn over that stretch.

Wiscy/MSU (83,77) 

LSU/Auburn (78, 70)

Comment 14 Dec 2017

Well think about it.  If you're say Rutgers, MD or Indiana and you play 3 cupcakes OOC you still have a tough strength of schedule because you played OSU, UM, MSU, PSU and theoretically a good Wisconsin or Nebraska team.

The problem is when you are OSU that's one less good game per year.

Comment 14 Dec 2017

I agree it would be great.  I would watch Lienart, Eddie George and somebody from TX, OU or even Nebraska and love it.

I just wish there were more Big10 vs. Big12 games early season.  The OSU OU games were great as were the OSU Texas games.  That would really steal the limelight from ESPN.

Comment 14 Dec 2017

Turf just makes a ton of sense.  Less maintenance and you can play on it every day all year long.  We live in a semi-urban area where there aren't that many places to have full size fields and they are the best.

If you have kids you know that they cancel practice because it rains in the AM but it's dry at night just to save the fields.  This doesn't happen on turf which is great.

I will say watching kids pass a soccer ball on grass and it gets about half way to the intended teammate is somewhat amusing though. 

Comment 14 Dec 2017

I think you're spot on.  I'm not sure if they really need to go all in though.  As you pointed out ESPN will basically be promoting a game that's aired on CBS every week.  That's a problem.