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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Wisconsin Win 2011, rushing the field.
    Florida vs. Georgia Southern game 2013
    2014/15 National Championship Game in Dallas
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Comment 14 hours ago

I'm not a huge fan of Smith but compared to his predecessor he is lights out.  At the end of the day Smith was given a Ferrari and drove it like a Ferrari, he did good with good.

Comment 16 hours ago

Yeah I don't know, I just remember those exercises in econ classes with almost this exact example.

My alma mater did the same thing and has ruined the game day atmosphere.  The stadium holds 22-25k and now about 8k people are in attendance because of "donation requirements".  Most of my friends are the ones buy the expensive seats and they aren't happy knowing the stadium will feel empty each week.  When I was in college the stadium was full or nearly full for every game.  Sad really, it seems like they may have cooked the golden goose.

Comment 16 hours ago

He's second guessing play calls in public.  Hindsight is 2020.  Shall we have Harbaugh second guess his play calls in public?

How is he more of "QB Guru" than a guy that actually played QB in the NFL and has won significantly more as a coach?  

Comment 16 hours ago

Small tangent... is it me or did anyone else feel like Roby was more hype than productivity at OSU?  The reason I say that is not because he doesn't have skills, obviously a #1 draft pick says he does.  We really didn't get to see the skills because we didn't play much press coverage in those years.  I would have loved to see Roby in a guy's face all the time instead of 8 yards off.  Watching us get picked apart by 6 to 10 yard passes was brutal especially knowing we had a 1st round corner.

Comment 13 Aug 2017

I disagree, I played with guys (not 1-A) who put up over 30.  They all (haha all 3 of them) had a similar builds as Billy, usually barrel chested  guys less that 6-3 and more than 285 pounds.  I'm actually surprised there aren't more guys up there but most of the big osu guys are also tall which kills bench numbers.  It's usually the d lineman.

Comment 10 Aug 2017

I'm with you but the D Line is getting a ton of hype.  I just hope they live up to it.  We have to remember this is a D-Line that didn't rush the passer very well last year.  They were great against the run but I'd like to see something on the field before we anoint them the best.

Comment 10 Aug 2017

At a certain point you have to let mistakes made by kids be MISTAKES MADE BY KIDS. Everyone fucks up, some do it worse.

I've made a lot of mistakes, but I never raped anyone or even came close.  So are you arguing that doing drugs (illegal btw) is an excuse for doing other illegal activity?  Where do you draw the line?  Murder?  I'm not saying he should not be allowed to live his life, I'm just saying I don't think I want him representing the university.  

Do you have a daughter?  I have one and if this happened to her I'd be pretty pissed that's all they got.  Had they spent time in real jail and had it done to them then...