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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Wisconsin Win 2011, rushing the field.
    Florida vs. Georgia Southern game 2013
    2014/15 National Championship Game in Dallas
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Chris Speilman / Eddie George / Joey Bosa
  • MLB TEAM: Phillies/Orioles

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Comment 20 Jul 2018

DJ you gave us this:

“The Iron King, Cardale Jones, First of His Name, Poacher of Badgers, Controller of Tides, Slayer of Ducks, Troll Sultan, and 12th Son of Ohio”

I’ll give you this:

The keyboard King, DJ Byrnes, purveyor or skulls, consumer of four loko, tamer of cats and troll whisperer, good luck.  May we see you here again in November.

Comment 18 Jul 2018

There's another saying, if you think you aren't paid enough, go find the job that pays you fairly.  If you can't find it, change careers.  Nobody said it was easy.

Comment 18 Jul 2018

Sorry, I can't let that like 11W in general garbage #take stand. I defy you to present a cogent argument that 11W is anything other than what it claims to be: "an independent site, committed to delivering Buckeye fans the news and analysis they deserve, all while remaining free."

Andy - So are you saying Ramzy and DJ aren't significantly left of center?

Comment 11 Jul 2018

I've had vue for a year or two now, don't miss Comcast or Fios at all.

Comment 18 Jun 2018

1. This supports the SEC cupcake Saturday before the rivalry game. Play freshman early & hold two back in case you need them because of injury or play in the cupcake game and the bowl. Look for the B1G to do the same if they revert to an eight-game conference schedule. 

I don't follow what you're getting at.  The rule is for the first 4 games, not any 4 games.  Patsy Saturday is the 2nd to last week of the season.

Comment 16 Jun 2018

Not just the commercial music, but the commercial timeouts.

going to a game today requires hours of waiting.  I’m all into the pomp and circumstance but during the game I want to watch a game.  Last year was the first year I hadn’t gone since the late 90’s.

Comment 05 Jun 2018

After a good first date send a handwritten letter and wait.  Works every time.

Comment 05 Jun 2018

Kids today often have keyboards rather than pens.  Some schools don't teach cursive anymore.  That's one thing I think we should give kids a pass on especially when they write things like that.

Comment 04 Jun 2018

Remind me again when a laid back coach won a national championship.

Saban, Nope

Urban, Nope

Dabo, Nope

Fisher, Nope