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Urban Legend - Confirmed

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January 2, 2015 at 5:32pm

It's time to beat the drum for our head ball coach, Urban F Meyer. The job he has done this year has been absolutely amazing and in my opinion, the greatest singular coaching job I have seen over the course of a season. This 2014 edition of The Ohio State Buckeyes, that is loaded with talent, has faced more setbacks than any squad I can think of - and is still pounding other talented teams and players against all odds. This team has officially embodied everything Urban has preached since his arrival in Columbus.

Think about the facts that this team was coming into the year replacing an offensive line that placed 3 NFL starters, losing a bulldozer running back and returning a Swiss cheese defense. We lost our 2 time conference player of the year 12 days before the season. We played a backup QB with a new line and turned him into a record breaking Heisman contender. The line improved all year to go from embarassment at home against Va Tech to dominating Bama. We broke in a new running back from inconsistent to gashing Bama like they've never seen. Our defense improved leaps and bounds and has shut down two Heisman finalists to date despite losing its best player permanently.  We suffered a team tragedy. We lost an electric playmaker. We have been playing a 3rd string QB, with 0 previous starts, to two victories in single elimination championship caliber games. I do not believe any other coach in America could have the Buckeyes playing in the title game this season. 

There is a reason Urban has the best winning percentage in the last 60years...because he's a fucking phenomenal coach. He publicly laid out the road map to get to where we are and called his shot - and arrived a year early. I'm so proud of this team and especially Urban. I'm happy he exersized both our SEC demons and his own battle with Saban. But I'm mostly happy Urban is our coach. Win or lose on the 12th, Urban has done the best job coaching this season that I have ever seen. 

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