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Comment 17 Jan 2018

Ultimately, thats it, no matter what we're positioned that if we handle our business that we're in the mix every year - regardless.  Also, preseason ranking are very often garbage.

However, I will say kudos to the SEC.  They're always one step ahead of other conferences in terms of bolstering their own teams.  The were well into over signing when no other conferences were - part of their run from 2006 and on.  Once other folks quietly caught up to that, the SEC slyly only plays 8 conference games while still beating their chest that they're a murderers row of teams.  They've done very well for themselves in staying ahead of other conferences regulations.

Comment 12 Jan 2018

I was optimistic about about a new staff bringing new energy and a new focus lens into the program and turning things around.  And Holtmann/Pedon and co have exceeded even the optimism I had.  When they were just looking for warm bodies at one point, I was thinking it would be a struggle...but damn this team is meshing nicely playing solid.  Took them a month or so to get their sea legs but Holtmann has these guys playing awesome.  Very excited for whats to come.

Comment 10 Jan 2018

One of my top 3 all time favorite Buckeyes - and I have not heard that but it's awesome and 100% correct.  The last 12+ years prove it.

Comment 10 Jan 2018

It is not a coincidence that Tressel locking them out of Ohio was Michigans downfall.  All of their greats are from Ohio (Woodson, Desmond, Bo, Harbaugh, etc) and since Tressel took over they havent been able to get their damn dirty mitten state mittens on cream of the crop Ohioans.  Without poaching premier Ohio talent, Michigan football is garbage.

Comment 09 Jan 2018

Same for me, too. 

2014 might be the best coaching job I have ever seen.  Lose your veteran QB in summer not long before the season.  Take a RS freshman most of the way who then gets hurt against Michigan - where the original 3rd stringer then vaults himself to legendary status bringing home the natty.  A trash OL who eventually gelled to perhaps the best in the nation.  An early devastating and resounding loss at home that only brought the team together.  A statement win against a then near all time Sparty D.  A missing player eventually found dead.  A defense that in one season went from all time bad to lights out.  Sneaking in to the playoffs last minute due to a 59-0 win with your 3rd QB - then slaying Bama and destroying Oregon.  Beating all 3 Heisman finalists in the last 3 games.  2014 was a phenomenal coaching job.

Comment 09 Jan 2018

Just like winning/losing games, the transitive property does not work here with player swaps.

It was a stone cold move by Saban.  If it doesnt work - he's lost control of his team, he's done for, he panicked, the dynasty is over.  But when it does work - Saban is the GOAT.  He knows his team and players inside and out.  Just a super ballsy move on that stage.

As a coach, there is a fine line to walk on earning playing time - both with your current team and with future recruits watching - and also having your finger on the pulse of your team and your players strengths.  Or even if a move like that would trash your locker room and chemistry.  I like to think that the coaches - who eat, breathe and spend countless hours with the team - know the team better than us keyboard warriors.  Otherwise, we could just have live action internet polls call plays and set line ups and save the $5MM a year.

Whatever your identity and/or system is - you either need players to fit it or you fit it to the players you have.  Whatever the case, you dont want to keep trying to fit a square peg in a round hole and/or be completely predictable.  Saban identified that Kirby and UGA had dialed in on that predictability.  Hurts never seemed to quite fit what Bama wants to do so they kept it tight and gave him little to no risk in the passing game.  It's not what he does or does well and UGA had them boxed in.  Saban felt it during the game and went for broke with the freshman and it paid off in a 1 half of a game scenario.  Hats off to Saban and the frosh QB last night...but this wasnt 4 games into the season.  This was a hail mary for the second half of one game.  Saban played Hurts all year prior and didnt make that move.  From all reports, Bama was planning on playing the freshman QB anyhow.  I think Saban knows that Kirby has all the inside info and Saban threw him an all time change up.  Thats why Saban is the best CFB coach we've seen in our lifetimes.

Comment 04 Jan 2018

Pace, Spielman, Chris Gamble (to play both ways), Maurice Clarett (under chaperone) and if Urban is coach then TP. Wasn’t a huge Pryor fan but under Urban that dude would shred every record in the universe. 

Comment 27 Dec 2017

JTBIV reminds me of that old dude playing pick up hoops at the YMCA. He’s not fast, no hops, doesn’t really have moves and you think you’re going to torch him...but then you can’t stop the guy. He just keeps making garbage shots and ridiculous rebounds against people who out jump him by 30”. You get angry because everything feels like it’s slop but he just keeps making it. A real junk yard dog that will rip you to shreds on 3rd and 7.