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Comment 21 hours ago

They're still giving him a pass up north.  However, all those Hoke players they himmed and hawed about in recruiting that they're now blaming for lack of titles are soon phasing out.  It's the same they said about RichRod, same they said about Hoke, same for Harbaugh.

He'll need to produce or those gimmicks will get old FAST.

Comment 21 hours ago

Yes.  Branding.

The guy is scratching and clawing to keep the Michigan brand relevant without results on the field.  So far, he's done really well at that.

He also hides his inflatable mattress under that hat in case he has a random sleepover pop up.

Comment 21 Jul 2017

Probably never happen but would be tight if Cavs ended with with Conley and UniBrow (also rumored to leave is things to south) to go along side LeBron. 

Unfortunately, looks like errebody outta the Land. 

Comment 18 Jul 2017

Despite looking stuck in 1st gear and out of synch the last year or two, our offense has still largely put up big numbers. With our running attacke, a tight end could make a living as an RPO safety valve check down, set up shop in the middle, or a block then late release type route. There is plenty of room to utilize a TE in Urbans offense and I think most folks expect Wilson to do least more than we've seen. I know Aaron Hernandez ended up being a psychotic murderer but his utilization in the Fla offense should probably and will probably be studied for a skilled TE like Ruckert. 

Also, this helps:

Comment 17 Jul 2017

If it were anyone else, I would probably be against for the mere fact this isn't a good look for the university. However, Spielman has exemplified everything good and pure about sports his whole life. He has not only talked the talk but also walked the walk. Spielman has been very clear and open about his issue, the steps he's taken and why. Based on everything I've read, Chris has an issue with corporate sponsors using his likeness without approval for advertising and /or profit. He is 100% fine with OSU doing so but not the corporate sponsors. He has tried to negotiate this practice being stopped, was unsuccessful for whatever reason(s), so has filed suit. I don't like to see one of Ohios best sons file a law suit against the university - but again, Spielman has always done what he feels is right. Look at his career and how he walked away from it all to be with his wife. He has since championed her cause and been very instrumental in many OSU/community fundraising. 

I believe Spielman has the right intentions and was aware of the look this would cause. In doing so he has been very clear he would donate whatever financial gains there are back the the athletics department...and also to help the former players who aren't financially stable. 

Comment 08 Jul 2017

OSU win. I really don't give a shit what Michigan does/doesn't do outside one week a year. 

I actually prefer our fan base pay them no mind and don't even give them the satisfaction. For real don't give a damn. 

Now, I will say, I'm all for reading some ridiculous Harbaugh stories in the offseason and will LOLz when they shit the bed in season...but otherwise, see em in November and don't care what heppens to them en route. 

Comment 08 Jul 2017

In many regards, Harbaugh tries to emulate Bo. Perhaps, none more so than when they lose a game. Just like Bo - Harbaugh always has some major issue that they got jobbed by the refs or the other team got away with holding all day - or whatever they can come up with to dimish the loss. You ask Harbaugh and he's undefeated when the other team doesn't cheat. 

Comment 06 Jul 2017

Looks like they're grooming Coombs and giving him a nice elevated trial run this year if job titles mean anything more than a pay raise.

Probably part of the reason he didnt leave for Cincy to be their DC.  Despite living on this site, I dont know much about Coombs Xs and Os but he is obviously the greatest hype dude in the game.  Urban has been pretty darn good at recruiting coaches (in addition to players) so Coombs either earns it or we go get Bob Stoops to run D.

Comment 05 Jul 2017

Did you see the Tri-Villages (UA, Grandview, Marble Cliff) episode of Columbus neighborhoods on PBS?  Pretty good look into this in defining the area - and diversifying other parts of town as an unintended consequence.

Comment 05 Jul 2017

Good player but bad timing for this kid if he wants/wanted to be a Buckeye.

Between Gant and Terjada Mitchell already committed...then the other couple linebackers OSU are in on for the 3rd spot...just no room for this kid.

Best of luck to him.  We'll be in good shape - its the Michigan State's, Indiana's, Cincy's and MAC schools of the world that should fear UK entering Ohio turf.

Comment 30 Jun 2017

Ha, I did.  Hopefully you have some Jolly Ranchers to do your Zima properly.

I had texts from a number of friends a while ago with articles that it was coming back.  Kind of forgot about it then was walking through Giant Eagle a week or two ago and saw a huge display and almost fainted.  Naturally I picked up a 6er.

Now these young kids can once again know the glory of stealing a Zima out of your parents garage fridge.