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Too many games, so little time

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September 3, 2014 at 1:42pm

MSU squares off against the Quacks at 6:30 pm EST, TTUN and Irish start at 7:30 pm EST, Hokies-Buckeyes start at 8:00 pm EST.

Conclusion - the college football gods hate me!  How should one watch all three games?  I'm thinking of shutting off my phone at 8 pm and DVRing the Buckeye game, while watching the second half of the MSU-Duck game (provided it's a good game).  Once that is over watch the Ohio State game from beginning of recording and hopefully catch up to it live by the end of game (keep Tums/Rolaids close by).  Sleep...wake up watch the DVRed ND-TTUN game at 8:00 am then get ready for NFL games on Sunday around 11:00 am while finally turning my phone back on.

Good plan or recipe for disaster?!?

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