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The curious case of Sports Media versus Braxton Miller

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September 3, 2014 at 9:54am

I know, I know......not another Braxton thread.

Johnjy78 pointed out something in the comment section of Ramzy's latest article worth discussing a bit more IMO. It is funny how the media (and many Buckeye fans actually) were quick to nitpick at Braxton's every faults. Heck I will admit it, I put myself in this category from time to time. "He cant throw accurately, he cant make the proper reads, no touch on his passes, he is an athlete, not a QB". But as soon as Braxton went down the media made him the messiah of quarterbacks, an accurate, strong armed, Gruden QB camp graduate, a Trent Dilfer-approved Buckeye quarterback legend. Perhaps more accurately Braxton's injury became another angle to criticize the Buckeyes. Heck, even the Big 10 Network has seemed to jump on this train.

Braxton was never those things. He was a growing leader, an athlete capable of a highlight at any given second. Sure he struggled with reads, but he could make an offensive line look good by escaping. He could throw a hell of a deep ball and will be a Buckeye legend and fan favorite for the rest of his life.

I heard it time and time again this weekend while watching teams like A&M, Bama, Clemson, Wisky, heck even VT (all breaking in new QBs) - how it was an exciting time for these teams and that we as TV viewers were watching the future of A&M football. The hypocrisy of the sports media over Braxton would be an interesting study. According to the media, Braxton made the Buckeye's great, but Braxton himself wasnt great. Hell, even Mark May (in his pink satin bikini panties) has made Braxton Miller out to be the Buckeye version of Russell Wilson.


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