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Comment 24 Mar 2020

Right. You read the stories about companies switching to manufacturing supplies like PPE, ventilators and hand sanitizer. But these are few and far between. You have to wonder why the administration won’t pull the trigger for large scale help and enforce the Stafford Act. Every day they don’t do this is every day they fall behind. 

I work in healthcare and I can say the doctors and nurses are beyond worried. 

Comment 16 Mar 2020

IMO, a grave mistake we are making is not reallocating resources (technology and manpower) to prep for hospitalizations. I mean having companies make additional respirators, face masks, surgical gloves, protective wear for health care providers. If companies cannot handle the volume, create partnerships and share expertise with factories/mills/packaging companies that are slowing down due to the virus. All of these essentials will be short if the outbreak spreads to millions, and the creation of these goods will keep Americans employed. We can learn something from how generations before us prepped for war - everyone pitched in (this is what we are doing now with social distancing), have factories and expertise shift to create in demand goods (respirators, masks, test kits, food, water).

These incremental cut backs are good, but sooner or later we will need to rip off the bandage and dedicate an all hands on deck approach. I applaud Gov Dewine. He is being a leader. As a country we need that all hands on deck speech from the federal government.

Comment 14 Mar 2020

Right. You typically have surgery within 10 days to avoid a more complicated procedure where they have to stretch the tendon or even eliminate dead tissue. I know that isn’t a technical explanation. 

Comment 13 Mar 2020

MiamiBuckeye - BINGO. You cant compare Covid-19 yet as it is a developing situation. The numbers could skyrocket. Hopefully, these measures will push those numbers down. Then, we'll have people saying "I told you so" for decades not realizing the drastic steps helped. Fingers crossed that they do.

Comment 13 Mar 2020

Bukirob -  go outside and grab some sunshine. Take a walk, exercise those lungs. Everyone is at risk. If you are healthy you are at less risk and will probably develop lesser symptoms. As you age and add in comorbidities, your risk increases. There are still 20, 30 and 40 year olds in critical condition or dying that are normal healthy adults. I don't want to be a statistic so I wash my hands, eat right and get in some activity and hope my kids follow the guidelines.

I appreciate your stats, but those stats can change as different populations are exposed. You cannot simply say only 5% of cases are severe and only 2.5-3.5% are fatal. Those percentages are people or people's parents and grandparents. All it takes is one death to change the trajectory of a family. That impact is huge.

I think most would agree this seems like overkill, but most would agree they don't want to pass it along and that leads to someone's death or the death of nursing home residents or a cancer wing. Imagine the guilt.

I wish people would quit comparing this to the flu, obesity, cancer. Maybe in a few years it will be the flu or can be compared. The flu statistics are full data; corona is only a small portion of the data. What I mean is that this new virus has only been present in the United States for a few months. These numbers could drastically change over the course of a few months. That is the fear, and why these measures are being taken. These public health measures could stall these infections. If you told me do you want the flu or some respiratory virus caused by bat shit that only 125,000 humans have had before, I am taking the flu all day.

Comment 13 Mar 2020

Extramedium and Bukirob, I don't think you get what is going on and how this can spread. If a healthy 18 year old get the virus they may be fine, but then they pass it to another. That 18 year old takes it home to his parents, who take it to their work, to their grandparents, to a cancer patient or someone with chronic heart disease. Boom. Now you have 50 people instantly exposed to the virus. They will not know this. Sure, maybe only a few will exhibit symptoms, maybe a few will get sick, maybe a few die, but a majority are now carriers. This is where that 100,000 guestimate comes into play. Sounds like the flu, I get it, but there is so much unknown. Reports are saying you can carry the virus for up to a month and even those who survive it (90+%), many can be left with 20-30% decreased lung capacity. Your life could be changed forever. That decrease in lung capacity can make you susceptible to other issues down the road.

You need to respect this process. If anything, you should marvel at how the entire world is coming together on an issue. It may be the only time in our lifetimes that happens. Kudos to OSU, BIG 10, NCAA for taking these steps to not only protect the Justin Fields' of the world, but also the hundred of thousands of people that would have attended sports-related activities. And also to Gov Dewine for his leadership.

Comment 12 Mar 2020

I am treating this with respect and being as conscious as possible about my surroundings and personal hygiene. Those are things I can control. I cannot control the near million people in Columbus, especially when 20% of them dont give a crap or think it is a hoax.

Stock up a bit on food and supplies, but if you don't have enough contact a delivery service should you get sick. Purchase some extra cleaning supplies, but don't go overboard. Grab a few extra pet items if you have a pet.

I am limiting eating out, going to events and have been torn on going to the gym. I read a great article about what you can do to prep for the virus. Beside supplies, they recommended walking to increase your lung health, eating better to strengthen immune system, etc. These help you take back control and give your health a little boost.

Comment 11 Mar 2020

I am actually going to disagree with you, Aledyard. And as I disagree with you it makes me wonder why I still watch the show and comment on it here. I would argue the show was never actually top notch television. It came in at a time when the zombie genre was fresh, fun and little was like it. It also benefitted from a time when comics and graphic novels are considered cool and everyone was looking to adapt television and movies from them (i.e. Marvel effect).

I would argue outside of the initial WOW of the first few episodes that the plots and repeated plot devices, the characters and the actors, and stories have been lacking. Yep, we had awesome moments (Rick waking up to a new world, Carol's daughter turning zombie, early Morgan and episodes like "Clear", hordes, escapes, the gang on the road becoming a fighting machine, Daryl and Carol's friendship, etc.). These awesome moments and the potential to be great keep us coming back. I think some of us have a fondness for certain moments, but quickly forget the tedious plots and plot devices that consistently drag this show down. Maybe forget is a bad word. People, according to the ratings, seem to notice these more and more. I am talking the Glenn dumpster debacle, villains overstaying their welcome, characters constantly wandering off for no reason, anything Carl, anything T-Dogg, 75% of the time Eugene, what they are doing with Carol, what they did with Carol last season, Rick after seeing an injured Carl leads the gang to kill 2,500 walkers that took over Alexanderia yet next episode we are left to wonder why one of them cant defeat 5 walkers, the fact that our heroes can shoot damn near every walker in the head with any weapon from any distance in any situation but cant seem to kill the most important enemies (clears throat, Rick not taking Negan out during the Savior raid from 10 feet away, Daryl not taking Alpha out in the creek bed, dozens of Governor close calls,  etc.).

My overall point is that it was/is the potential for greatness that keeps many coming back. Myself included. But the reality is we are bogged down with the same old, same old, 10 seasons in. If the writing was half as good as the marketing, or if HBO or say FX had this show, think of the improvements. Makes you wonder how AMC can have Vince Gilligan write Breaking Bad that airs on the same network. I don't expect every episode to be a wild ride, filled with magic moments. I would like to see the show learn from its own mistakes instead of having Judith wander off for 15th time.

Comment 09 Mar 2020

You didn’t miss much. 
I told my wife heading into the episode that for the first time in a while I was excited to watch TWD. Instead, we got 2 minutes of action and the very end. This unfortunately is now typical with this show. 

Comment 03 Mar 2020

Kim is a great character. Jimmy's transition to Saul and her own work life are really taking a toll on her. She has got a little Slippin Jimmy in her character (lying to her clients, taking advantage of business men at the bar, smashing beer bottles). The more she gets Slippin Jimmy in her character, the less she is getting Slippin Jimmy in the bedroom. Other than a few stray moments, there certainly hasn't been any affection between the two of them in many, many episodes.

For how much I want to learn about Saul, I am equally into what happens to Kim and Nacho.

Comment 03 Mar 2020

Tore my Achilles 3 years ago and had surgery at OSU. I have commented several times here when these injuries come up. I was 4-6 weeks non-weight bearing, followed by another 2 months in a walking boot. It was my driving foot so that aspect was horrible. 6 months total of rehab, and my calf shrunk to half its size. To this day, I still cannot jog or stand in lines at places without some discomfort. If I jog more than across the street it turns into a limp. I can do normal adult male things, such as going for several mile walks, doing the elliptical machine, various cardio exercises, etc.

All that being said, I am a 40 year old that had a great surgeon and fine physical therapists. I did not have full rehab days like Teague will have at his finger tips. If ruptured, I cannot see Teague being ready this season and it would be a stretch to see him as a full participant next spring. If it is a strain, the risk of rupture is high and they should be cautious and sit him out until he is ready.

Comment 29 Jan 2020

This one Safety look could have negative ramifications on recruiting. Not knocking the scheme, it worked this year. However, in theory a player could hold the position down for 2-3 years and you have talent behind them that may never see the field or transfer. Eventually recruits will take notice. I guess the scheme could change or adapt any given year. 

Comment 20 Jan 2020

In the preseason and early games many here were throwing out Carton being a one-and-done type player. He will be a good one, just further away than we need him to be. 

IMO opinion the thing that has plagued OSU hoops, really since Mike Conley left, is a true, dribble drive, make your teammates better, scoring threat PG. To shorten that, a good PG. 

I watch this team play slow through Wesson and falter offensively when the possessions matter. No creativity.  Again, this is due to not having dynamic PG.