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How long of a leash does Urban Meyer have?

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September 1, 2014 at 6:35pm

Before I get a zillion replies about how I'm overreacting or he's the best coach ever I want to make it perfectly clear I am in no way calling for Urban Meyer to be fired, I am in no way dissatisfied with his performance as our head coach, I am in no way pessimistic about the direction the program is headed. In fact, its quite the opposite on all counts.

However, I'm just curious by what people believe would have to occur for Ohio State fans to being putting Meyer on the hot seat in earnest like Hoke or Muschamp assuming there is no scandal like what brought down Tressel. Does he have freedom to have a few less than stellar seasons (4-5 losses)? Perhaps an outright loosing season? Maybe all it takes is no championships after a certain time? I'm interested to see what this community thinks about what Meyer can survive as Ohio State's head coach. Mostly, its a question about what standards of success do you hold the Buckeyes to?

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