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12-15, 226p, 50r, 2TD, 1int - WHY SO MUCH "MEH?"

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August 31, 2014 at 10:02pm

Why does it seem that so many writers are ho-hum on JTB4? Is it missing Braxton's freakish running ability? Is it because there are so many other weapons on offense now that he doesn't get as much credit? 

Consider that we just witnessed the best performance of a first time starting QB at tOSU of the last 4/5 decades. 

JT Barrett - a red shirt frosh - starting for the first time, on the road, behind a brand new o-line has the afor mentioned (in the title) stat line & so many writers/people response has been - "MEH" he's got a lot to work on, but he's alright. 

He's not the freak athlete Braxton is - but he already looks to throw a better ball (touch, spiral, accuracy).  He had one incompletion, one ball dropped, one dumb int. That happened to Braxton (and TP) pretty often. He made good reads and decisions in the passing game on all 12 of his other passes - overcoming a shaky line & a few questionable Herman calls. Plus, he still leads the team in rushing & he "read" D well in the running game. 

I'll take this every week.  I was really, really impressed with him. While I miss the freak athlete, super armed Braxton (who wouldn't?)... let's not forget we were all hoping he'd progress in things like reading the D better in the running game, better touch/accuracy on intermediate routes, going through his progressions. As great as he has been, most were hoping his senior year - 4th year starting - he'd put it all together.  

I think this kid could be something special. Navy, while not a traditional power team, is a good football team.  If he improves week to week, the line gels, and Herman allows him to throw more - watch out.  

What are your thoughts? 


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