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I have a lot of ties to this Virginia Tech game/series.

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August 31, 2014 at 11:55am

In 1993, I transferred with the company I worked for then to the Roanoke/Blacksburg area.  Over the span of 8 years there, I made friends with many Hokies.  When I couldn't make it back to Columbus for a Buckeye game, you would find me usually in Lane Stadium to watch a Tech game or up in Charlottesville to catch a UVa game (as long as it didn't interfere with a televised Buckeye game).  Many of the friendships I made down there are still close to me to this day.

When this game was scheduled about 10 years ago, my phone rang off the hook with my Hokie friends on the other side of the call.  Of course, there was and still is, a lot of fun "ribbing" between myself and and my Hokie pals.  This OOC game has taken on a little more meaning for me than most other OOC games. I have 2 close Hokie friends staying at our house in Grove City next weekend for this game.  Needless to say, I do not want to wake up Sunday morning having to listen to any crap. 

As an Ohio State alumnus and fan, I approach this game with almost as much fervor as the Michigan game.  I absolutely do not want our Buckeyes to lose any game.  But this game, I do not want to hear any of my Hokie pokies for the next year taking pot shots at our Buckeyes or myself.

Anyone else in this situation or have been in a similar situation?

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