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Alabama compared to Ohio State ?

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August 30, 2014 at 9:42pm

After watching both #5 Ohio State vs Navy and #2 Alabama vs West Virginia, what does your eye test prove say is the better team? Is West Virginia really able to go toe to toe with the great Nick Saban and the invincible Crimson Tide? Or is Alabama really that  vulnerable? If you were a voter, would you drop a team in the AP or Coaches based off the first game of the season against unranked opponents? Both Alabama and Ohio State are using first year starting  QB's, along with some retooling on the offense and defense so there will be hiccups.  Did Alabama struggle with West Virginia and escape as did OSU? Or was West Virginia tenacious enough to hang with the Tide? All the above questions I ask to get to this point: Ohio State wasn't a world beater today against Navy, but after seeing Alabama against unranked WVU, I'm not that worried.

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