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Places to Hang Out/Tailgate

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August 28, 2014 at 12:55pm

Fellow 11W'ers, I need some help. I am coming into town for the OSU/VT game, and I haven't been to a game in the shoe in years ('05 SDSU game). Most of the people that I knew back there have either moved away, died, or become part of my "ex family", so I don't really know anyone to tailgate with anymore. Last I'd heard, Heineygate is a thing of the past, so I am looking for some suggestions for places to hang out, drink some suds, and show my colleague (a VT grad who will be attending the game with me), his dad (a lifelong Buckeye fan), and my new wife (a Kent State grad who will be attending only her second OSU game) a great time before taking our seats (50 yard line on the east side - SCORED!!).

Anyone have some updated information for me? How about the parking sitch - any recommendations other than to get there early?

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