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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Being present in Tempe to see my Buckeyes win their first national championship since I was a child.
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Comment 21 Jul 2017

I have been to and experienced the places you have seen, and they are awesome. California, the place? Great. California, the people, the politics, and the economics? Shitty. I can't wait to get out of this state, and I am working feverishly to be able to do it. The sights can be visited anytime without having to deal with all of the bullshit that comes with living here.

Sorry, not sorry.

Comment 05 Jul 2017

Al Bundy, aka Ed O'Neill, is yet another native son of our great state. Actually quite a story, too, in that he was a pretty good HS athlete and one of the very early students of what we know today as MMA. 

Comment 03 Jul 2017

Took the plunge today. Life's been pretty good to me and Mrs. WC lately, and in a lot of ways, it might not have been possible without Coach Hayes' examples, of which there are many. When we try to emulate great peoples' decency and kindness, it usually makes us better people and the world a better place. There can't be anything wrong with that.

I see that we're almost halfway to the goal - come on, 11 Dubbers, let's get it done!

Comment 23 Jun 2017

There is a longstanding debate between the AMA and the ACA about chiropractic and its effectiveness. My view is that you have to match the need with the treatment, either way: don't ask your chiropractor to cure cancer, and don't ask your GP to fix your sciatica. The best prevention for back problems and promoter of general good health is a good regimen of stretching, diet, and regular exercise.

Also: we have to be careful about saying that all chiropractors are quacks, when statistically they are responsible for far, FAR fewer problems than their "board certified" MD counterparts. 


Caveat emptor.

Comment 23 Jun 2017

That's the problem with chiropractors and chiropractic - experiences tend to be pretty binary. They are either really good or absolutely horrible.

Mine was on the plus side: lower back and sciatica pain got to the point that I couldn't walk, sit, or lie down without pain. It finally got so bad that I couldn't stand it any longer, and the ibuprofen stopped being effective. Against the advice of my ex-wife, I went to a chiropractor, and inside of two weeks I could sleep without pain, inside of a month could walk and sit without pain, and inside of six weeks start playing basketball again. Still good to this day, 30 years later.

My advice: do your research, look for referrals, and don't stick with anyone who tells you chiropractic can diagnose, prevent, or cure cancer. Caveat emptor.

Comment 22 Jun 2017

I am not at all surprised to hear a story like this - Spiels always was incredibly strong. He was a specimen in high school, and when he got to Ohio State he just blew up. Can you imagine what Marotti could have done with him?!?

Comment 20 Jun 2017

We are so privileged to see great Buckeyes doing great things. The traits that they demonstrate through their examples are what I would characterize as "midwestern" in nature: hard work, humility, self-sacrifice, and integrity. Thad Matta brought him, Oden, and Cook to Columbus from Indiana - everything fits in the sense of the the midwestern ethos, and they brought that to the court in the relatively short time we got to see them play.

But let's not forget that Mike Conley is "Mike Conley Jr.": his dad has always had a strong reputation as a solid citizen and good person, and he and his wife have obviously raised some tremendously good people. Good things happen when you recruit athletically gifted people, but outrageously good things can happen for years to come when you recruit talented people with great values.

How firm thy friendship, Mike.