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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Being present in Tempe to see my Buckeyes win their first national championship since I was a child.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Ever: Chris Spielman; Current: Chris Olave
  • MLB TEAM: Padres. 2019 World Series Champs. Bank on it.

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Comment 23 Apr 2019

Totally agree. If it is a tie-breaker between a couple of canditates on their efforts and ethics, sure, give me the person who scores higher. 

Comment 22 Apr 2019

THIS^^^ Some of the dumbest people I've ever met had the best academic pedigrees and/or highest IQ's.  Give me someone who will be persistent and push through adversity any day over someone who has all the answers but is usually wrong. 

Comment 01 Apr 2019

The latest update: 

1. Carmody's dad is the Mars Area HS football coach.

2. His brother is a basketball player for Notre Dame; might have an impact on his decision, although it seems he hasn't expressed a "lean" yet. 

3. He is equally talented in both basketball and football, and an ability for (not a commitment to) playing both may factor into his decision on where he goes. 

All for now - will update as I learn more.

Comment 12 Mar 2019

Whether it was Holtmann pulling the trigger or the AD is immaterial. The fact is that if what you are saying is true, Holtmann could/likely should have dismissed him from the team and didn't.  This is what coaches can do to teach a kid an important lesson, namely that when people believe in you and are willing to stick their necks out for you to have a second chance, the choice then rests with you.  I imagine that Keith probably weighed in with him on this, too.

Oh, and on the school thing?  Talk to Greg Oden about how he feels about that. Granted, his circumstances for leaving were different, but if Wesson's not ready for the NBA, why would he want to leave right now?  Getting paid to play is a goal, certainly, but why take a more difficult path than one has to?  He absolutely should stick around another year and get ready. 

Comment 11 Mar 2019

Couldn't have expressed my own thoughts on this any better that you did yours.  Kids do dumb things, and this was hopefully a great teaching moment that had to happen for Wesson to grow personally and to mature.  I applaud coach Holtmann for sticking to his guns and making what was obviously a tough call, given Wesson's importance to the team.  I think it says a lot about the man, what he values, and the foundation he wants to create for this team. 


Comment 28 Feb 2019

Incidents like this are the reason it is hard to get people to get into officiating in the first place.  Coaches at all levels berate officials, and it gets worse the higher the level.  Many here have said things like “toughen up”, “refs are thin-skinned”, etc., but most officials are just people trying to do their best and keep improving.  This abuse and intimidation doesn’t have to be a part of the game, and it is beyond time for administrations at all levels to start taking a harder stance.  It isn’t gamesmanship, it is just shitty behavior and it needs to stop.

That said, I have been critical here about officiating I have seen this season, and while I didn’t see this game it doesn’t surprise me to hear that it may have been shitty both ways in this one.  This is where the conference has to step in and weed out the bad officials. It is a self-perpetuating problem - bad officials, more abuse, less new entrants, worse officials.  The conference can and should control this, as should the administrators.  I hope Iowa fires this dumbass at the end of the season - he is an exemplar of the worst end of the spectrum, in my opinion.

Comment 22 Feb 2019

That's another theory... I do know this: as a driver, your blind spot is bigger on the passenger side of your vehicle, hence it's less safe to ride in the left lane (and also to pass on the right) due to the amount of "invisibility" on that side. Therefore, logically peoples' natural tendency might be to avoid the blind spot and stay where they can unequivocally know what's on their left - nothing. The corollary is the UK, where the lane rules are reversed along with the steering wheel being situated on the opposite side of the vehicle. 

Comment 21 Feb 2019

Yeah, I have seen it there, too, but it's not nearly as bad as in California.  I think that they probably still teach lane discipline in the driver's ed classes in OH, but I can personally guarantee you that they DON'T in CA - all three of my kids took driver's ed out here, and the phrase never came up one time. Luckily, I spent a lot of time training them, too, so (at least I hope) they're still using it.