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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Being present in Tempe to see my Buckeyes win their first national championship since I was a child.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Ever: Chris Spielman; Current: Chris Olave
  • MLB TEAM: Padres. 2019 World Series Champs. Bank on it.

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Comment 20 Aug 2019

With you on that. 

Also, we shouldn't discuss capacity with noise quality here without factoring in construction: the shape of the stadium (Michigan bad; Autzen, Husky Stadium, and the Shoe good) greatly impacts the noise levels. There aren't many places louder than Autzen or Husky stadium when the crowd's rocking, even though their capacities are dwarfed by the Shoe's.

Comment 29 Jun 2019

You’re joking, right? Did you even read it? You did see that all of the data was from the CA EDD, didn’t you?  That’s a California governmental agency, you know, the one to whom your employer pays payroll taxes and to whom you pay your SUI?  Are you alleging that the EDD is making up numbers?

If what you’re saying is that you think the data was made up by a blog writer at Wolfstreet to prop up an invalid position, c’mon - you really are in denial about what is going on in this state. There isn’t any argument, only data.  Being both ill-informed as well as unable to think critically is the real affliction that currently plagues us. 

Comment 26 Jun 2019

LOL ignoring data.  This really doesn't have anything to do with Texas.  Everyone wants to talk about what a big economy California has, but that really means nothing as your quality of life is going to shit, and if you really think it hasn't, you are either really rich (good for you - they're going to keep taking more from you, so you'll need it) or ignorant of what's happening (bad for you, because it's all around you, and you are still blinded somehow, perhaps so enamored of "the great weather that makes it all worth it"). 

I, along with all the others who are leaving, will grab some popcorn and watch from the distance as you all drown in your own filth. 

Comment 25 Jun 2019

For the next six weeks, I will still be a resident of this place, and when I leave, after having lived here for 20 years, I will never look back.  This "dime a dozen", "...California hate" you refer to is not unfounded or "...uninformed...".  The rest of the country SHOULD be looking at California as a way to NOT be doing just about everything, and this piece of legislation is another example; housing costs, homelessness, hyper-regulation, high taxation - and few other issues I won't name here so as to stay on the right side of the comment policy - are actually sinking this place.  This move by the legislature is emblematic of the root cause of many of these symptoms, and if you see that as "hate", I'm sorry, but that's on you. 

From just yesterday: https://wolfstreet.com/2019/06/24/california-panics-about-losing-businesses-people-to-texas/ . Still want to stand by that position?

I for one will be glad to show this state my backside. Good luck to anyone who is left to deal with what remains of it.  The term is "bagholders". 

Comment 04 Jun 2019

Rutgers, while athletically inept, brings the NY market ($$) with it. I could make good arguments for drumming them, Maryland, or Indiana, frankly if we were looking only at sports.  Academically, it's a different picture, though, and most tend to forget that the foundational concepts of the conference were actually academic. Due to that, I would definitely put the target on Maryland first.

Comment 03 Jun 2019

Wow, who would've guessed that so many Buckeyes were playing for dough overseas?!? Really speaks to the difficulty of making it in the NBA when you see how positively most of them are contributing, too.

Comment 01 May 2019

Can't say that I've seen anything like that in person, but I do know that their liberal return policy affects their suppliers, one of whom I work for now and one of whom I used to work for.  Wierdest RTV we ever got from them was a hat that was coated in vomit - one of their customers bought it, threw up on it in their car, then took it back into the store and exchanged it. They wanted us to take it back.  I, of course, so "no way", and they, of course, pointed to some arcane fine print in our supplier agreement that said it was allowable. We had to give them credit for the return because they were under their allowable rolling average RTV amount of 2 months or something.  Stupid, but if you want to do business with them, this is the tradeoff that you accept.

Comment 23 Apr 2019

Totally agree. If it is a tie-breaker between a couple of canditates on their efforts and ethics, sure, give me the person who scores higher. 

Comment 22 Apr 2019

THIS^^^ Some of the dumbest people I've ever met had the best academic pedigrees and/or highest IQ's.  Give me someone who will be persistent and push through adversity any day over someone who has all the answers but is usually wrong. 

Comment 01 Apr 2019

The latest update: 

1. Carmody's dad is the Mars Area HS football coach.

2. His brother is a basketball player for Notre Dame; might have an impact on his decision, although it seems he hasn't expressed a "lean" yet. 

3. He is equally talented in both basketball and football, and an ability for (not a commitment to) playing both may factor into his decision on where he goes. 

All for now - will update as I learn more.