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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Being present in Tempe to see my Buckeyes win their first national championship since I was a child.
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Comment 17 Jan 2018

You are absolutely right. I was privileged to see him in person, and the story he told of the way he and his wife met is one of my favorite memories - his voice, the details, and the way his wife, seated just to the right of me, just beamed at a story she'd heard him tell 1,000 times. I don't remember if he told the story off camera or not, but here is a link to the clip.


Comment 11 Jan 2018

I honestly don't see UFM blocking that move. Feder's been a good kid (from what we know based upon his completing his degree in 3 years, and he's not been on the police blotter), and he's not been a player for us. From a strategic perspective, I don't know that if he became a starter at RU it would amount to much damage whenever we'd play them. It will be interesting to see where he winds up. I had great hopes for him when he came in - great size, good HS pedigree, and (I thought) a great chance to perform, given his wrestling background.

Like everyone on here, I hope that no matter what, he has great success wherever he goes and later on in his life. Once a Buckeye, always a Buckeye.

Comment 04 Jan 2018

Physically, yes, they're way more similar than Martell and RIvers. I am talking about what I saw from Rivers when he came into the 'shoe and damned near willed his team to a win just about all by himself. Having watched him play here in San Diego, also - for what seemed like forever - he just was a lot of fun to watch, not because of his play always but moreso because of that fire he showed. Not saying I never saw that from Vick, but I never saw him in person, frankly, and saw him very few times on TV - more limited sample size.

I'd love to see that fire in every player, but you almost demand it from your QB.

Comment 03 Jan 2018

UV's across the board for free market comments - I am a big fan of economics, and I think schools that don't understand basic economic principles (or where their $ is originating or going - simple P&L stuff, really) will continue to bleed from their athletic departments. 

Comment 02 Jan 2018

I understand your angle, and I agree that there should be some algorithmic approach to this. Buuut.... that what the Sagarin, Massey, Colley, et al systems tried to do, and no one considered them to be truly representative of all of the nuances; everyone bitched about the "implicit biases" that the encoders somehow wrote into logic that no one would have understood if they had access to the code. That's why the BCS finally took a composite of all of them, and no one thought that was fair, either.

Comment 02 Jan 2018

That's the free market. There is no mandate that every school has to have a football program, but for those who insist on having one, perhaps a different level of play (and expense) is appropriate. It may actually come to the point where some programs have to make the tough choice and either downshift (to DII, for example, in some cases) or exit football altogether. I know - the studies have indicated that having a football team is supposedly good for attracting students, etc., but I wonder how often it really matters to someone making that choice nowadays?