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Reminder: The Nike Lunar TR1 "Ohio State Buckeyes" launches tomorrow.

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August 26, 2014 at 7:09pm

For anyone interested, Nike is releasing them at 3 PM tomorrow online. I don't expect them to be an instant sell out, but if you're interested, I do recommend being ready at 3 PM with a credit card. If I'm able to, I will post a direct link to the shoes.

As your 11W Sneakerologist, I will give you a pro tip:

1) Beginning around 2:55 PM, go to http://www.nike.com

2) Go to the search bar at the upper right corner of the screen, paste in the following: 654283-016

3) That is the product code for the Ohio State version of the trainers. Yes, it will most likely say "No Matches Found." 

4) Continue to refresh the "No Matches Found" page until the product appears around 3 PM. Its usually 3 PM on the dot. Give or take 10 seconds. 

5) Select your size, add to cart and fill out CAPTCHA if there is one. It may say "Waiting in Line" for a while before it is actually added to cart depending on how many people are trying to add to cart at that moment. I really don't anticipate these being in very high demand in comparison to a Retro Jordan release or something of that nature.

This system usually works. If you have Twitter, pay attention to @Nikestore a little before the release. They may have a product page with a countdown timer, but probably not. If I happen to find out any additional details, I will post them in this thread for those who care. Good luck!



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