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Comment 11 Feb 2017

This is absolutely true, as well. Another example of "its not what you know, its who you know." I do realize that success in law school is largely a gamble. There are no guarantees, but I feel as though the better schools give me the best chances.

I should also say that Yale is my dream school. Not simply because it is the #1 ranked law school, but because they do not have class rankings, nor do they utilize traditional grading scales (A, B, C...). I've heard horror stories about some top law schools, in the sense that some students are very, very cliquey about who they study with and some students even go as far as to hide resources from other students to ensure they get better grades (upping their class rankings). As I'm typing this paragraph, I'm truly wondering what the hell I'm doing pursuing this course of education, haha. 

Comment 19 Dec 2016

I don't really know why attending AA meetings, or being a member of Alcoholics Anonymous should be looked at as a negative attribute of a man's character. 

As a recovering alcoholic/addict myself, I know wildly successful people in the rooms: doctors, equity partners at major law firms, a CMO of an enormous healthcare system, a CPA with a vacation home in the Virgin Islands, politicians, professors, police officers, firefighters, engineers, etc. You name it. Even a couple of former Buckeyes who are legendary around these parts. All with decades of sobriety. But those are just people with successful careers. I also know day laborers and people who are unemployed. But above all, regardless of their degree of exterior success, they are some of the most altruistic, caring, selfless people who would do anything to help someone out. 

I'd never fault a man, regardless of his particular weakness or affliction, who makes a choice to go to any length to overcome it so that they can improve themselves and the world around them. 

Sark could have put the headset down for good and lived in seclusion with his tail between his legs. But he's not going to let the past dictate his future and he's giving it another shot, also subjecting himself to public ridicule. That takes courage. And balls. Giant. Fucking. Balls. If he's got his shit together, Saban got himself a hell of a coach. 

Comment 15 Dec 2016

Thanks for this. This is the sort of information I was looking for. I don't think we (I say we because I've been reading this website daily for the better part of 5 years) do poorly on this site and I love the content. I also think the recruiting coverage has slowly but surely picked up since we lost Birm. I knew it would take some time, as it takes time for relationships to develop in order to obtain that information we enjoyed getting nightly from Birm. 

But, I was just curious to know if the money paid to access the content behind these paywalls was really worth the money. I had a suspicion that the info I get from reading this website (and others) was nearly identical to the ones on pay sites, perhaps just a few hours behind. As I said, I'm entirely content with the content (see what I did there) on 11W, I was just curious to know if it was really night/day with recruiting coverage. So thanks for the feedback, I'll just keep reading 11W, the TBDSBITL (The Best Damn Sports Blog In the Land). 

Comment 23 Oct 2016

​Whichever brand Ed Warriner doesn't use.

Comment 16 Oct 2016

lol, all kidding aside, I can assure you that it was there. I do my best to not play into rumors and certainly not start any myself that couldn't be evidenced in fact. 

I also try not to read into the tweets of #teens too much, but a swiftly deleted tweet certainly speaks loudly to me, if that makes sense, coupled with the fact that he's pretty quiet on Twitter. He also has a verified account, which id never be able to attain if I tweeted into my 100th year of life. 

Comment 11 Oct 2016

Does anyone else find this post to be amazing. just take it in

Comment 11 Oct 2016

In this context, we're assuming that a commitment, with the rule change, would also mean signing a letter of intent. Basically take the current situation and assume that when a kid commits, its set in stone. Lets take Landers for example. Under the new rule change, when he committed to West Virginia, that would mean he would sign a letter of intent, not just a verbal commitment, meaning he couldn't be recruited to other programs as he's already signed with one. 

However, one could assume that your highly-recruited blue chip players wouldn't sign a letter of intent, they would verbally commit so should a situation change (coach gets fired, over-recruits their position), they could explore their options elsewhere. I don't know if the rule changes would say that a player could verbally commit without signing, but I assume in that event we would see many more silent commits. 

Its an unfortunate situation for late-bloomers, because I'm certain that lower-tier schools will demand that they sign a letter of intent. 

Comment 18 Sep 2016

We're honestly worse. Last year we would win a game by 3 touchdowns and we would call for a coordinators head. 

Joey Bosa even mentioned how much that contributed to their downfall last season. No matter what the team did, it was never good enough for us. 

That said, I'm really enjoying this season and the zero expectations I have for it.