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ESPN Preseason All Big Ten

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August 21, 2014 at 2:06pm

So I just checked out the ESPN Preseason All Big Ten, and there is only 1 Buckeye on the list, Michael Bennett.  MSU has 7, Iowa, Wisconsin, Nebraska and Michigan all have 3, Northwestern has 2, OSU, Indiana, PSU, Rutgers and Maryland each have 1, and Illinois, Minnesota, and Purdue don't have any.


I don't have any faith in this being correct, and obviously Braxton would've been at QB ahead of Cook, as it states in the article.  Lets play a game worth Upvotes to the winner.  There are 26 positions on the list (11 each Offense and Defense, 4 Special Teams).  What does the breakdown by team look like after the season?  (if you want to guess on players/positions-than access to the Premium Lounge would be up for grabs).


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