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Where Do You Rank Braxton Among OSU QB's All Time?

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August 21, 2014 at 12:42pm

On the horrible, horrible day which the Braxton injury reports came out, a couple buddies and I were under the assumption (as I believe many others were) that Braxton's career as a Buckeye was over and he would leave for the NFL at the end of the season. Although that doesn't seem to be the case, at the time it sparked a heated debate among us as to where we rank Braxton among the all time great OSU QB's at this point in time. I thought I'd bring the debate here to see what you guys think. Being that we don't know for sure that Braxton will play for OSU again, (shoulder doesn't respond to surgery...fingers crossed that doesn't happen, Barrett plays exceptionally well this year and beats him out next year, etc.) I think it's still a valid question. My friends and I are students so we've certainly missed out on seeing some of the greats being that we are young. Our biggest argument came about when comparing Braxton to TP. They argued TP's BCS wins and Big 10 titles made him better overall than Brax. I was infuriated and said that the 24 game win streak and incredible stats make up for Braxton's lack of championship hardware. Not to mention that if Braxton had an even mediocre pass defense last season I think we're in the national title game. Regardless this argument isn't just about Brax vs. TP but where he ranks among all OSU QB's in your opinion.



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