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Polls-Week 2

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August 20, 2014 at 7:40pm

So I was just watching the B1G preview on ESPNU, and it's clear Kevin Carter and Jason Sehorn are not members of 11W, as the playmakers they cited as having to step up to help J.T. were Devin and Corey Smith, and Zeke.  Fair enough, those guys should be prominent in the offense, but no mention of Wilson, Marshall, Thomas, Greene, Samuel, etc.


My Question is this: since those of us on here are obviously more knowledgeable about the roster and who the playmakers are and actually how many there are, let's assume in Week 1, there are no upsets.  All ranked teams win, and the higher ranked team wins in all matchups of ranked teams.  If/when OSU wins, and wins semi-comfortably to comfortably, do they drop in the polls?  Sehorn made a few comments about "#5 for now..."   I know the rankings were based upon Braxton being there, but if J.T. comes in and wins games, and the defense shows marked improvement, I'm curious as to how the voters who are most likely not members of 11W will view the Buckeyes and if they vote them where they think they should be without Braxton?  I know the polls don't factor into the playoffs, but the selection committee is most likely not as informed as we are either, so they are listening to the garbage that a lot of the "experts" on ESPN are spewing,

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