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Rank games from toughest to easiest

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August 15, 2014 at 11:49pm

Thought it would be fun to try to rank the 12 regular season games on OSU's schedule this year from toughest to easiest.  @MSU is the easy choice for me to be the toughest game, but I really had a tough time deciding which game worried me the most after MSU.  I gave consideration to scUM, @Minnesota, @PSU, and even @Maryland.  Here is my order from 1 to 12. I am interested in others thoughts on at least their top 5:

1. @MSU

2. @MINN (partly because it is right after MSU)

3. ScUM

4. @PSU

5. @Maryland

6. Va. Tech

7. Cincy

8. Indiana

9. @Navy

10. Rutgers

11. Illinois

12. Kent State

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