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Gene Smith

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August 15, 2014 at 4:37pm

I went to the Buckeye Club 110% coaches kickoff meeting Wednesday night and got the pleasure of meeting Gene Smith. We probably talked for about 15 minutes. He was warm and engaging and went from table to table to meet each attendee. I have to admit, I have had my reservations about Smith since the Tressel fiasco, but I must say, I was nothing but impressed. How often do you see a man of his position take the time and expend the effort to circulate and personally interact with the unwashed masses. We talked about Oden, ND, YouTube(he recommended a humorous vid), and his plans to stay at tOSU until he retires. Count me as a supporter. No one is perfect, but from my perspective, tOSU is lucky to have a heavy hitter like Smith.

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