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Todays Cowherd Show

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August 14, 2014 at 1:13pm

Jorge Sedano was guest hosting and his last guest was Butch Davis. I guess Davis is working with the game day gang and they are doing a 7 teams in 7 days caravan previewing the upcoming season. Cowherd is really touting the Pac Ten as the 2nd best conference as usual. I know I know, he is a  west coast guy so no shock he is touting the pac ten. all of the talking heads are cautiously picking TOSU to make the playoffs "if" Braxton is ready with his shoulder and stays healthy. But my main question is how is Butch Davis still cashing in on college football? Of his 2 head coaching jobs @ Miami and UNC both of which he left a mess with NCAA and academic investigations under way. I guess he was cleared by the NCAA and has no "show cause" to stop him from coaching again. just find that surprising that he has skated from the messes he created.

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