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"Friendliest" B1G Stadiums?

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August 11, 2014 at 12:21am

So I've never seen our beloved Buckeyes in any venue other than The Shoe, but I've always wanted to travel to a different B1G school for an away game. However, after having seen the way Michigan fans are treated at the Shoe (granted, that rivalry is ridiculous and the sort of blatant disrespect I'm speaking of is usually limited to the student section and overly obnoxious Meatchicken fans) I'm somewhat reluctant to spend the money and time just to be flamed the entire game.

I've heard horror stories about Wisconsin, as well as (obvious) Ann Arbor, but have any of you had good experiences with away games? I've heard good things about Iowa, as well as some of the smaller schools whose games rarely sell out and we take over the stadium. Whatcha got?

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