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Why Did Ash Really Leave Arkansas...

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July 16, 2014 at 10:58pm

I am listening to SEC media days instead of the ESPY's to see what these coaches have to say about the upcoming season, and lo and behold, it's Bert!  The journalists are having a field day with all of his failings, including his disagreement with Malzahn on 'player safety' and pace of play, on his lack of wins last year, and of course this led to a question about his staff...

In being questioned about recruiting coaches as much as the players, it is clear he had no friends in the coaching ranks.  It must be a lonely world when you have no one to truly lean on to help you with their Rolodex... Urban had Lou Holtz, Earle Bruce, and the friendships he made as a GA to help create a valuable base of coaches he would want to work with in the future.  

In mentioning the coaching changes, and how he brought staff from Wisconsin, he fails to mention Mr. Ash.  Let's not forget how he burned bridges leaving Wisconsin, too.  I can't blame anyone for wanting to get out of dodge if you had to work with a nitwit like Bert.

This media day is an instant classic and very insightful in elucidating the walking maelstrom that is Bert.  His comments about his new staff lacked a tone of respect and more clearly resembles what leadership is not.  He has no sense of sophisticated thinking, and so I won't be surprised when we hear that he is out of a job and that he ends up flipping burgers somewhere.  

He speaks of his assistant coaches as if he is doing them a favor by letting them be on His staff... What a douche.

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