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Bill Hancock at sec media day giving examples of the playoff.

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July 16, 2014 at 1:22pm

Bill Hancock the executive director  of the College football playoff showed examples at the sec media day of what former years of the BCS what have looked like if they had the 4 team playoff then. Started out with the year we lost to Florida and Urban. We would have played #4LSU in the Rose while Florida and *ichigan played in the Sugar I believe.At first I thought these were all just hypotheticals to show where everyone would have went and how they decided that. Until the questions were asked after his little presentation. Thats when things got interesting. Multiple examples he gave had 2 sec teams in the playoff even one time with a major conference Champion had a better record then a sec team. So some guy  asks him after about how the committee is going to rank teams and are they going to weight Conference Champions that won their conference championship game. He immediately gets a shit eating grin on his face. He goes on to beat around the bush and says not one thing will carry more weight then the other yadda yadda it will be up to the committee members to voice things yadda yadda. He see's where the questioning is going and basically bails quickly from the podium after a quick anymore. Up until today I honestly believed a big 5 Champion that won a virtual playoff game in their conference championship would hold more weight then say a undefeated team that lost in their Championship game if the records were the same. Not any more. I'm not convinced at all that Espin or whoever handed the keys over to this man haven't handed the keys to the National title over straight  to the sec. The way they had ranked the previous years was basically the way Espin hyped the previous years with  absolutely no change. They had multiple years with 2 sec teams in  the playoff when that same year there was a major conference champ with the same record. Sorry  for the long rant just wondering how other members might have viewed this or if maybe I jumped off the cliff and totally misunderstood something. I know the Espin guys went from bitching all week how about a 2-loss sec team might get left out of the playoff with nobody representing the conference to a complete about face talking about how they will probably get 2 teams most years.

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