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Ohio State vs TTUN tickets

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July 16, 2014 at 12:43pm

Hello fellow Buckeyes, 

I need some help and I hope you can assist. My dad is a diehard Buckeye fan. He is set to retire from the police force in Florida after 30 years of dedicated service. He grew up in Columbus, but was never able to go to an Ohio State-Michigan game. I thought  there was no better retirement gift to give him than tickets to The Game. 

I realize there's no way to get even reasonably priced tickets for a game of this magnitude. But I would like to find the best deal I could possibly get as we will also have to pay for transportation to get up there. I am looking for tickets in Deck 23A or Deck 17A (or a similar section). I'm looking for really good seats, because this will be a once in a lifetime experience for my dad and I. If anyone could help me out, whether that be with actual tickets or places to look, it would be greatly appreciated. Even tips on seating areas would be great. Thank you all for your time. 

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