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Program decline and rise of a new arch rival?

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July 8, 2014 at 9:04pm

I recently read about a student attendance decline at the home football games at *ichigan University. It is to the point where they no longer allow bird's eye view shots from the good year blimp. And there is no sign of it improving this year. The article made it seem like it was a problem at that program only. Would there be any worries for the rest of the big ten? I know OSU seems to be in high standings with the student participation at the home football games...........But *ichigan??? I am not an expert on their history but this seems like the worst their program has been in my lifetime. The App state loss, the rich rod era, losing to their rivals almost every year for over a decade, etc, etc..........


Which starts another topic, to be a great conference, I would think there needs to be at least a couple top programs that perform consistently well. Other than OSU, there is a struggle between several schools to perform on a high level consistently. *ichigan State is on the rise.............could they replace *ichigan University as our main rival?

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