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Players Care About Uni's

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July 6, 2014 at 12:48pm

Yes, a uniform thread. Why...because it's the offseason!!!111  (Actually, as someone mentioned yesterday, we have a game next month. Can't. Hardly. Wait.)

Just thought this was interesting from one of our bigger playmakers:

My thoughts towards Uni's:

  • I dig our traditional uniforms.
  • Whether I like it or not, as can be seen from uniform-release player-reaction videos and tweets like this, players care about them.
  • "Cool uni's" are just a small part of recruiting, but with the competitive-nature of recruiting, every competitive edge is valuable. (The argument that: "I am still waiting for a player to base his decision on uniforms" isn't strong. Players usually consider multiple factors in their decision, and cool uniforms are just a bonus.)
  • Our tradition of winning depends heavily on recruiting, and I care about our tradition of winning far more than what we look like on the field.

So last year we made small tweaks (the 7 buckeye leaves on the jersey back-side, we wore the alt uni's more, etc.). Would you be up for more tweaks?

I'd actually be up for more updates. Even as far as making the Alt Uni's the default uni's, AS LONG AS, we went with the traditionals for several games a year. This would include The Game, with both squads wearing home jerseys.

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