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Comment 3 hours ago

Since you're a Penn State/Pennsylvania fan (and of "wrestling generally"), and not an actual Ohio State fan, I just ask not to be too defensive/promoting of your team.

You can add value to the site with your perspective, just don't be instigative. Fans of other programs have set up accounts on 11W, though their shelf life hasn't been too long...this by their own undoing, of course.

Comment 10 hours ago
Yeah, can't give away the climax. Was just saying a subtle hint could help the the readers who already suffered through last night's painful story.
Comment 11 hours ago

And that's the takeaway here - Buckeye athletics are at their peak right now, competing in every area they want to.

Seems like using this or a similar sentence as a pull quote near the top would reduce the I'm-anticipating-an-exercise-of-masochism-and so-I'm-going-to-skip-the-rest-of-the-article-and-comment-"we have a lot to be proud of" trend.

Comment 17 Mar 2018

I'm not familiar with the challenge system either.

As far as the points, I actually thought Micah was who they were giving them to - I don't get it.

Comment 17 Mar 2018

I don't know how that was 2 pts