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Moment To Forget

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June 29, 2014 at 11:03am

You have one and only one use of the Neuralyzer (from MIB) that erases moments from your memory. You may use it for any OSU football moment in the past. Realize, the moment will still have taken place for the rest of us, this is really only a cathartic measure for you personally. Which moment would you choose and why?

My 1st thought was the blown 15 point lead against Sparty in 1998 that ended what I believe would have been a National Championship run. But personally, more mentally damaging was the 28-0 terribleness that took place in Ann Arbor in 1993. I attended that train wreck, and everything from the end zone seats, thousands of people long lines at the port-o-johns (seemingly the only restroom option in that place), and being verbally abused on the way out was forgettable. Had I not been listening to BC beating ND on the drive back, I may have gone straight to some psyche ward and still be there. 

Knowing the room, I realize that some here may have already attempted to dissolve those memories by using "liquid amnesia" producing options. So just humor me if you will and pretend if that's the case. 

Go Bucks!


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