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Sam Hubbard Moved to TE ? Me Thinks So.

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June 26, 2014 at 9:48pm

I was reading over at the OZONE that tight ends coach Tim Hinton took his position group out boating this weekend for a team building exercise. The pictures were tweeted out and Sam Hubbard was very noticeable among the tight ends. When asked if he had been switched from LB to TE , he replied simply by saying. " Yeah" . I just thought that was very interesting considering I and many others have brought this possibility up in the past, and the fact that he has the size ,speed and athleticism to do it all. Its a great read for those of you who want all the details. 



Sorry guys ,, been in the hospital for a while and just got out yesterday, thought I read all the post I missed on here, but apparently missed that one. Currently looking for Delete button. Anyone know how to delete a post?

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