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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Maurice Clarett stealing the ball back in the NC.
  • NFL TEAM: Houston Texans
  • NHL TEAM: ?
  • NBA TEAM: Houston Rockets
  • MLB TEAM: Houston Astros

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Comment 21 Dec 2019

Umm... he put this out in public for everyone to see. It was a live broadcast and him and another guy on his coaching taff did it. Herman did it a couple times. He was being a smart as nd they happened to switch to that camera right when he was flipping them off. But he is a chicken shit douche bag, you are right about that.

Comment 16 Aug 2018

With you100% on the dark beers. I prefer a stout but porters are great too. If you get the chance, pick up a 4 pack of dragons milk! 13% with amazing flavor! I’m a stout lover and that’s my fav! 

Comment 22 Jul 2017

Well, let me know when you figure out how you want to do it. It's always nice to add pieces to my Buckeye collection.  I've been exercising myself lately. Maybe one day I can pass on all my 2X clothing too. Congrats!

Comment 22 Jul 2017

I'll gladly take it. How do I pay for shipping?

Comment 14 Apr 2017

 Nowhere near my home. I just can't believe people are that ignorant. It really shows your intelligence,  and speaks volumes about your character.  I think it's a great thing for people that can't afford to take their kids to a real game like it says in the article. Obviously you are lacking in confidence  and feel the need to degrade random people in order to lift yourself up. Good luck to you, hope it all works out. 

Comment 21 Feb 2017

 I movie that I would like to see remade, would be this movie I watched when I was a kid with my dad. It was about these albino humans that we're living underground. They were discovered by the army or something that we're trying to recover A satellite. Anyone remember that movie?

Comment 14 Sep 2016

I write music. Started when I was little with country, then I moved to rap as a teenager, and now I write a little bit of everything except rap really. I mean I still rap to my kids for fun,but I'm definitely too old to be rapping, lol. How does one go about selling songs or lyrics?  Is it one of those deals where there's literally 1 billion people doing it so it's pretty much impossible? Or is it something that I should actually pursue? Thanks for the advice in advance.

Comment 29 Feb 2016

Just bumping this because I just read on Buckinsider that he was in the draft and that he was denied an extra year of eligibility. And I was quite certain that I read here that he was indeed granted the extra year. Did something happen that I haven't heard about or are they making a mistake over there?

Comment 04 Feb 2016

The Ghetto Boys are from Houston as well. I still lived there when this came out and it was literally the only song I heard for about a year seems like. Great song though!