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Lorenzo Nunez

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May 8, 2014 at 10:34am

Well I had some time to kill this morning and decided to check out some highlight video's and I was really impressed with this kid. He seem very accurate and keeps his eyes down field. Looks to throw first and only saw 2 runs before I lost focus but looks like he has some wheels on him. I have a feeling that he will commit to us and that is fine from what I saw, but if that happens what do you think will happen with Gibson? Will he still commit or drop us off all together? Do we still keep recruiting him and if he commits resend the offer to Nunez? I hope the ball gets rolling with this class but I also do not what us to miss out on a top recruit because we're desparate for verbals or lose on a good player because we out all our eggs in one basket like last year's situation. I think I'm digging here only because there isnt much to talk about right now and the summer is going at a snail's pace. Look forward to hearing what everyone thinks, also could y'all help me out with some UV's I'm almost to where I can start up voting people. I'm at 85 stickers.

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