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McShay says Roby "could have been coached better"

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May 4, 2014 at 9:01am

Unlike Mel Kiper, Todd McShay actually played football. He was a college quarterback at  Richmond, then a G.A. at the same school. He has football experience; playing, coaching and scouting. It's interesting to me that he feels Roby "could have been coached better". Last season Kerry Coombs was the second most polarizing coach on the Ohio State staff (Withers wasn't polarizing. Most agreed that he was more problem than solution), and I thought Coombs deserved almost as much criticism for the defensive collapse as Fickell. Many (11W staff included) seemingly believe that Coombs walks on water. I'm curious, what is it about Coombs that people are drawn to? His 'passion'? His sideline demeanor? To me, the results speak for themselves… the corners regressed in the two years Coombs had them. That Chris Ash was given control over the entire secondary (while Coombs will now assist with the cornerback position) is telling… but Coombs, improbably in my opinion, was retained despite dismal results. All the yelling, screaming, cheerleading and "funny" comments about kickers are fine as long as he's getting results. All that ancillary stuff works great if you're getting your kids to ball, but it wears thin when that's all you're bringing to the table. Yes, Coombs seems to recruit well (as does Fickell), but Vrabel recruited well AND developed his players. LJS recruits well AND develops his players… same with the entire offensive staff. Recruiting is half the equation, not the entire ball of wax. At Ohio State, it seems a reasonable expectation that all coaches on the staff should be some of the best in college football at both recruiting and player development. Does Coombs have what it takes???

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