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Gibson vs Wimbush

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May 2, 2014 at 11:41pm

So I made a post about Gibson being the must get at QB for 2015 and then I went and watched the film on Wimbush and I am torn now. I see the upside to both and they both remind me of players I really like. When I see Gibson he reminds me of Pryor who has been my favorite one so far until Braxton arrived. I'm not that old so I don't have too much first hand experience in seeing many QB only remember Since Joe Germaine. I watch Wimbush and reminds me of a slower Miller. I would have to say that either one of these two would do well in our system but haven't seen anyone else I really care for so far. I did watch about 45 sec of Dwayne Lawson and I am not really impressed but that could be that he is from my rival high school and I just can't support it lol.

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