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Torrance Gibson's Recruitment is Like NASCAR...

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April 30, 2014 at 8:32pm

...you really only need to watch the last 5% of the race, because that's all that matters.

Kid is relishing the attention, and I cannot blame him. What if you had this many adults fawning over you, and begging you to follow and re-tweet them?

This tweet I found quite entertaining - (yes, I checked his Twitter, because, well, it's HILARIOUS!)

Didn't he just have "big news" a few weeks ago? Also, apparently the list will be "in order," so whatever significance that is for a kid who has yet to visit OSU and is only 17 years old.

I just it pretty funny. He also tweeted this - 

And the reactions to it are pretty amusing. To be clear, I understand Tweeting a kid if you're around the same age, or it is your job to update and follow his recruitment. Otherwise, I find it quite funny. 

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